Winter Rescue Collection – 5 New Products to Fight Winter Skin Blues

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Get ready, Get set – WINTER!  Bam – just like that – winter is here and taking it out on our poor skin with a vengeance!  Many of us love the change of season and the festive feeling all around, but that wicked, biting cold, and those harsh winds really take a toll.  It also makes us crank up those lovely heaters to full blast – but beware! – all that warm air just sucks the life (moisture!) right out of your skin.   Not to worry; Essential hasn’t left you, or your skin, out in the cold! We have been very busy here creating the best ammunition against winter’s war on skin.

Meet our fabulous new Winter Rescue Collection, featuring five shining stars designed to help you banish those winter skin blues:

*Exquisite Face, Hair & Body Oil – 1 fl oz *

*Blood Orange AHA Mint Walnut Body Polish – 2 fl oz *

*Nourishing Lip & Eye Crème – 1 fl oz *

*Iced Pear Hand & Body Crème – 2 fl oz*

*Pear Micellar Water – 2 fl oz *

First, let me say that I love them all (seriously – these really are my new all time faves!), but coming out just a bit ahead of the rest might be the Exquisite Face, Hair & Body Oil.  This is a brilliant combination of 3 of the hottest “it” oils around – Pumpkin, Cranberry and Pomegranate Oils – with Vitamin E tossed in for preservation support. That’s it!  It’s so simple, yet it provides so many complex benefits – it’s like a fall harvest cornucopia for your skin!  It truly is a top to bottom winter skin savior – hair, face, body – just rub it in everywhere and reap the rewards of soft, smooth ultra-hydrated skin.  Of course, these oils are all antioxidant powerhouses, and loaded with nourishing vitamins, minerals and special blah, blah, blahs, but what I really love about this blend is the perfect union it has when connecting with the skin.  It absorbs instantly without leaving any lasting oily feel, yet it manages to provide a long term, deeply layered continuous moisture boost – it just seems to melt that dry winter skin immediately and leave it with a lasting hydration reservoir – it’s amazing!

Though very tempted to add a rich fall scent profile, we decided to keep it fragrance free specifically so that it would be compatible to even the most sensitive of skin types.  And honestly, as much as we love scenting things around here, we thought keeping this one pure and simple, with its natural nutty, earthy smell was the best way to offer it.  Plus, that way it’s wide open for personal creativity and adding your own favorite scent to it – heck make a batch with fall notes, and when the season changes, you can make another batch for spring, because while this is a perfect winter oil blend, it’s simply so spectacular that you’ll be wanting to stock it year round!  Oh, it’s true – you and your customers could easily become addicted!

But why is this blend so special for winter skin?  It’s the crazy-good moisture retention ability of the Cranberry and Organic Pumpkin Oils (they are full of EFA’s, antioxidants and more), which helps make them highly absorbable, and then the Pomegranate Oil, which is loaded with rejuvenating punicic acid – all this really means is that your winter whipped skin and hair will LOVE IT!!!

Now the only thing better than using the Exquisite Face, Hair & Body Oil, is using the Exquisite Face, Hair & Body Oil AFTER you do a full body scrub with the Blood Orange AHA Mint Walnut Body Polish!  Where to begin to sing the praises of this one?!?  Powerful, yet gentle AHA’s work in concert with the finely ground walnut shells and create this wonderfully invigorating foamy polish that scrubs away those winter blues, and sloughs and buffs off the rest of the gunk too!  And the smell of the Blood Orange and Mint is so uplifting, like having a piece of the sun right in your shower!  It just wakes everything up and revives all your senses.  It’s just superb. Here’s the real trick – while you’re still dewy from your not too hot shower (remember – hot water dries out the skin), apply Exquisite Face, Hair & Body Oil liberally and run a bit through your damp hair too.  Your skin will be glowing, soft, smooth and totally revitalized, and your hair will be tamed and tangle free too.  And that gray winter mask?  A thing of the past!

Now I’m not short on love for our other winter stars –

Nourishing Lip & Eye Crème – Again featuring falls powerful Organic Pumpkin Oil, as well as Marula and Baobab Oils, which are being touted as the new Argan Oil, only better, and without the sustainability issues, which is something we are really conscious and careful of here.  So we are very excited by these newcomers and the performance levels they bring.  High in antioxidants, EFA’s and more, they make this Nourishing Lip & Eye Crème highly effective, soothing and smoothing, in fact, it’s so good you should just use it all over your face, or anywhere that’s needing some 911 winter attention!

Iced Pear Hand & Body Crème – What can I say, but welcome to Pearadise!  Oh my, the moment you breathe in the sweet, enticing aroma of this delectable crème, you will know you are in for a real treat!  The alluring scents of Vanilla CO2 Extract, Cardamom and Pear hit all the pleasure sensory buttons, and a smile of pure joy can’t help but break out – because you’re in Pearadise.  And then you get to the good part – you rub a dollop of the most luxuriously rich cream imaginable into your skin (and remember that heavenly smell is only getting better while your doing this!), and then your dry skin disappears in soothing waves of Organic Green Tea and Pomegranate Extracts, and premium moisture boosting emollients.  It truly is paradise (see – I know how to spell it!).

And last, but certainly not least, the handiest winter skin friend – Pear Micellar Water.  It’s pretty amazing – we use the magic of Micelles, tiny, round surfactant molecules that have a lipophilic end (attracted to oil), and a hydrophilic end (attracted to water), so when you apply it to a cotton pad and swipe your face, makeup, oil, dirt, and grime, are gently, quickly and easily removed WITHOUT the need for rinsing, so you skip the whole drying soap and water effects.  See, I told you it was magic!  This product is so versatile – It’s a make-up artist must-have tool (perfect for quick preps, removals, and “do overs!”), great for Travel or Plane Ride Rescue Kits as an in-flight face savior, a camping trip hero (seriously!), a tweens n teens skin savior (this is so much more fun than washing your face!).  It’s pretty much the perfect solution for any skin area in need of feeling clean and refreshed.

Now here’s the very best part – this incredible Winter Rescue Collections is shelf ready and comes in beautiful cobalt blue packaging, topped with classic silver lids and all in TSA Approved sizes.  All the hard work is done, the products are fabulous and you’re ready to go!  Bring on your holiday shoppers (stocking stuffers!), outdoor adventurers (skiers, hikers, skaters etc), travelers or anyone who needs TLC against the winter elements – we’ve got your Winter Rescue Collection waiting – So Get Ready, Get Set – SELL!

Happy Holidays,

Laura Badcock, Senior Vice President & Chief Formulator

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