Caring for skin care products affected by cold weather.

How to Care for Skin & Hair Care Products Affected by Cold Weather

Written by: | November 20, 2017 | one response

With the cold weather fast approaching, we have been answering questions about products and how they are affected by temperature changes. If you’ve recently ordered and received a shipment of products from Essential, the following might sound familiar:

It’s time to order. You jump online and begin shopping at After carefully selecting just the right products, you place your order. You wait with anticipation for your shipment arrive. Before the delivery driver has even turned around to leave, you tear open the box. You quickly toss the biodegradable peanuts in your compost, excited to see, smell and feel your new products. Finally, you twist off the caps, only to find that your carefully selected Essential products are cold as ice, and much thicker than you expected, or possibly even frozen or separated.

Never fear! Your products are not damaged or ruined, just cold. In most cases, the viscosity and separation can be easily remedied by following a few simple steps:

  • Let your products sit at room temperature (68° – 75° F) to resolve any viscosity issues.
  • Once at room temperature, open your products and stir vigorously in the case your product has separated.
  • Pour off your products into resale or storage containers.
  • Store at room temperature (68° – 75° F) in tightly sealed containers with minimum “headspace”.
  • Protect your products from moisture, extreme temperatures, and direct UV light.


We have found that by following these directions products will usually return to their original beauty and glory. If you have any questions, you can always reach out to us at (866)-252-9639 or We are happy to help with this or any other questions you have about Essential products.

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