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Watch Our Creative Blends Video – Easy Ideas for Crafting Signature Cosmetic Products

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Essential Kitchen Chemistry Videos Are Back!

Essential Kitchen Chemistry videos are back and all new! In response to many requests from you, our amazing customers, we are posting new videos to our YouTube channel and have created a Video Page right on our website.


2 Types of Videos: Custom Blend and Fresh Batch

You can now view two categories of Essential Kitchen Chemistry videos. Our Fresh Batch recipes showcase products for use at home or in your spa. Our Creative Blend formulas show you how to customize Essential stock products into your own unique blends.

In the Creative Blend videos, we show you how to experiment with a small amount of product to achieve your desired result. We then show you how to convert that experiment into a scalable formula for your business.

2 Ways to Custom Blend Essential Citrus Glow Body Massage Oil

The latest video features Essential Citrus Glow Body Massage Oil; an easy choice for the first Creative Blend video because it was an instant, must-have favorite among our staff. There was a lot of buzz in the building about this new oil before it was even made! We all could hardly wait to try the new combination of beautiful green Grapeseed Oil with Safflower and Jojoba Oils and the delicious scent of the Lemon, Orange, and Neroli Essential Oils.

Just Add Citrus

You’ll learn how to change the scent profile by adding more Lemon and Orange Essential Oils until you get exactly the scent your heart desires! You’ll get the math you need to scale up or down. And even though we put Body Massage Oil in the name, this versatile oil is easy to customize for any use. You are only limited by your creativity!

Walnut Body Polish

A Walnut Body Polish is great for skin and in this recipe you’ll learn how to add nourishing oils to create a unique scrub for your customers.  Since both the Walnut Body Polish and the Essential Citrus Glow Oil products are popular with our staff as well as our customers, we thought combining them would be perfect! The result is an amazing, exfoliating body polish that leaves your skin soft and nourished. Eager employees snatched up the small amount we made in the video. The videographer took some home too!

Check Out our Video Channel

You’ll find all our videos at https://www.youtube.com/user/essentialwholesale We add a new one every week and we hope you enjoy the new videos. Please share, comment and of course, let us know what you’d like to see next.

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