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Vitamin A Palmitate

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Vitamin A Palmitate is a nature-identical, synthetically-derived version of vitamin A. There are many forms of this vitamin used in skincare, with a focus on maturing skin and gentle exfoliation. Vitamin A Palmitate is also known as retinyl palmitate, and like retinol and other forms of vitamin A it’s found in many age-related products.

Our Vitamin A Palmitate is lab-created to exactly match the naturally-produced vitamin A. It is a yellow or yellow-brown viscous oily liquid, and can solidify at cooler room temperatures. It is quite sensitive to heat, light, and air, and it oxidizes quickly. Ideally it’s used in an opaque airless pump container. Because it is an oil, it is not soluble in water.

We recommend using it in either a carrier oil or oil blend, or else add it to lotions or creams. It can be added to the final phase of a product (when it is essentially finished) at about 2 to 10%. At Essential Wholesale we sell it as an ingredient and incorporate it into many age-focused products.

As with all vitamin A based products, it is important to either use sunscreen or stay out of the sun after application. For this reason it might make an excellent night repair cream or similar. It is all about rejuvenation, so may be especially appropriate as a night cream in the summertime after long days in the sun.

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