Organic Unrefined Cold Pressed Baobab Oil

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Are you looking for a sustainable, organic carrier oil?  USDA Certified Organic Unrefined, Cold Press Baobab Oil might be just what you’re after.

What’s Baobab Oil?

Holding a paramount place in African Savanah communities, Baobab oil has been used by women since ancient times to protect and soften skin and hair. The Baobab tree is a very sacred and long-living tree. It normally lives for about 500 years, but it is believed that some trees are up to 5,000 years old. Its lovely white flowers emit the smell of rotting meat, which attracts pollinating insects such as moths, flies, and ants; thankfully, the oil itself possesses a light, nutty, almost floral scent.

Why use Baobab oil?

Sustainably harvested from the seeds of the baobab trees grown in sub-Saharan Africa, this light golden oil is rich in vitamins A, E, and F and sterols, baobab oil absorbs quickly and is well balanced in oleic and linoleic acids making it perfect for severe dry skin and dry hair treatments. Baobab oil is also extremely stable against rancidity.

At Essential, we believe that being a good partner to our valued customers, and this amazing planet we call home is a top priority. Because of this belief, Essential carefully selects its Unrefined Cold Pressed Baobab Oil based on the harvest and processing of Baobab seeds. The seeds are cold expeller pressed to exude the oil. Our supplier supports fair trade practices empowering farmers and workers throughout the supply chain to enrich the lives of people struggling in poverty through trade and commerce.  Harvesting methods are designed to promote long-term sustainability of natural areas and resources and safe and healthy working environments for workers and employees.

Us baobab oil as you would any fast absorbing carrier oil. Add it lotions, balms, scrubs, or blend with other oils, for instance with organic pumpkin seed oil and pomegranate with a little bit of vitamin e for a lovely face & body oil.

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