Upcoming Improvements to the Ready to Label Line

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*Updated* Now is the time to order your labels for the holiday Ready To Label line!

Further updates and improvements to the Ready to Label (RTL) line of products!

Please Note: you can find all the information you need to create labels for any of our RTL products here.

In October we are making several changes to the RTL collection. New packaging will fit better into a greater array of brands and will make the high-end market more accessible. You’ll find:

  • Upgraded packaging quality and developing a more neutral but sophisticated look similar to our Sirius Collection Sampler
  • -This packaging will be available for purchase on its own as well, so you can add other products and still match the packaging
  • Expanded RTL line to include more logical groupings of products. For example, an entire Citrus Line, or expanding the Men’s Line to make coherent packs of products. This allows a more complete and unified presence for your brand.
  • Increased size of the RTL products, where appropriate – as per customer request.  For example 8 oz Body Washes and Lotions
  • Please Note: you can find all the information you need to create labels for any of our RTL products here. It includes label dimensions, sizes, fill weights and more to create a compliant label. Please note that document has small text but you can zoom in to make everything legible and to copy and paste. We recommend and have worked with Sticker Giant and Quixprint to create your labels–both offer some of the smallest minimum quantities and are reasonably flexible. If you are looking for small individual retail boxes for your product you might consider the Box Co-op or Refine Packaging.


Plus, we’ll help you get to market easier.

  • -We will offer labeling services for orders over 144 units when you send us your label. This also opens up the option of labeling any USDA Certified Organic products as such, including the official USDA seal. If you would like to become Leaping Bunny Certified, please contact us at info@ewlnatural.com
  • -We are aware many of you are selling on Amazon, so we are upgrading our sealing systems to include the inner pressure seal and we are making shrink bands available to purchase in packs. These can be easily applied with a heat gun or hair drier after applying your label, and they meet Amazon’s requirement of a double seal when used in combination with the inner pressure seal.
  • -We are also partnering with a few great small-run label companies to make the entire process of designing and printing your label easier with small minimum orders.


Please Note, older packaging that is being phased out will STILL be available on the website to purchase—then you can buy bulk and pour off into your desired packaging.

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