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Turmeric is the key to Super-Powered Skin Care

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Turmeric is a rich golden root used as a distinctive and delicious seasoning, and also in skincare to help improve the appearance of problem skin. Turmeric is a rhizomatous herbaceous perennial plant of the ginger family, Zingiberaceae and is native to Southeast Asia. It’s no surprise that this ingredient has been used for centuries to improve the appearance of skin, however, the science behind why this root is so effective has only recently been explored.

Turmeric is Curcumin

Turmeric Plant

Curcumin is the powerhouse in turmeric responsible for the antioxidant properties of this golden root. Aqueous and ethanol extracts of turmeric, corresponding to its use in cooking and topical application, show significant antioxidant abilities. When we talk about the benefits of turmeric, we are really talking about its powerhouse: curcumin. Curcumin is used in skincare to help calm and soothe problem skin, and to help skin appear blemish-free. While we are unable to list all of the benefits in this blog due to FDA regulations, there is now an abundance of research supporting the amazing properties of turmeric, specifically, its key constituent curcumin, in skincare.


How is Turmeric used in skincare formulations?

Turmeric Flower

Turmeric is usually sold as a powder making it easy to use in skincare formulations.  We sell Turmeric C02, which can be added to lotions, cremes, scrubs. Turmeric will impart a lovely golden color; the challenge is finding the right balance of effectiveness without using so much as to stain the skin.

If you’ve ever used turmeric in your kitchen, you’re probably well aware that it will stain anything it comes into contact with including fingers. So unless a yellow/orange glow is what you are trying to achieve, you will want to carefully experiment with the right balance. If you want to try using a premade product with turmeric, try our Turmeric and Neem Scrub. It’s the Goldilocks of body scrubs! It’s not too oily, and not too dry – it’s Just Right! The clean and inviting scent of grapefruit blends beautifully with the inherent scent of turmeric and neem to enliven the skin and spirit. Certified Organic Turmeric, Certified Organic Neem (both beloved Ayurvedic favorites), and Certified Organic Mustard Seed bring warm, purifying radiance and balance to oily, stressed skin needs. This scrub offers a truly unique and refining experience. (We don’t recommend using this as a facial exfoliant because the salt grains can be hard on delicate facial skin).

DIY Ideas

  • Add turmeric Co2 to Rose Water Creme for a lovely moisturizer
  • Infuse ground turmeric in Organic Hemp Seed Oil for a lovely face and body oil
  • Combine equal parts honey, ground turmeric and plain yogurt for soothing facial masque
  • Use an existing product, like the Orange Color Therapy Masque with beet powder, turmeric powder, kaolin clay to start. Blend your favorite liquid — tea, almond milk, yogurt — for a fresh-made masque for face, neck and even your hands.
  • Try the Yellow Color Therapy Masque with turmeric, mustard, goat milk and betonite clay.  Add hibiscus tea for additional anti-oxidant power (the color can be off-putting, so be prepared).

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