Perfect facial exfoliant bamboo exfoliator

The Perfect Facial Exfoliator

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Have you been looking for the perfect facial exfoliator? We think we’ve found it!

Bamboo Exfoliator ticks all the boxes for us:

  • Sustainable, renewable and biodegradable
  • Vegan
  • GMO-free
  • No gluten, palm or parabens
  • No plastic beads to pollute our oceans and rivers
  • Gentle enough for delicate facial skin
  • Powerful enough for even rough elbows, feet and knees
  • Does not soften or change color

The Perfect Facial Exfoliator

So what is it?  Simply put, it’s a solidified organic silica extracted from the nodes of bamboo stems. Its whiteness makes it particularly easy to use in scrubs, creams, and washes. It provides a lovely physical exfoliation ideal for body and facial care. Bamboo helps refine the appearance of skin texture and to brighten skin tone.

Some bamboo species are known to exudate natural silica, known in traditional Indian medicine as Tabasheer.  Its soft and silky feel, its high absorption capacity and its mattifying power are remarkable.


  • Presentation  – Powder
  • Color –  White
  • Fragrance –  Light
  • Microbiology <100 cfu/g – <200 cfu/g(2)
  • Shelf-life 120 months

Bamboo Exfoliator from Essential is stable in all types of formulations including aqueous formulations. The abrasiveness of particles does not change, and the particles do not bleach and do not color the product. The Bamboo Exfoliator is easy to maintain in suspension and is easy to work with by mixing into already-made stock formulas such as our Balancing AHA Facial Cleanser.  You can mix in between 2% to 5% to get the exact consistency you want.

Bamboo is gentle enough for the face — unlike walnut or sugar or salt.  And a little goes a long way to reveal newer, fresher looking skin.

Bamboo is the star ingredient in our brand new Bamboo Face & Body Polish.  Using the same base as our fan-favorite Walnut Body Polish we’ve replaced the Walnut Shells with Bamboo to create this lovely, luxurious facial polish. Order a sample today to complete your scrub or exfoliating line, and let us know what you think!



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