DIY Recipe: Pre-Poo Potty Spray

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Spray before you go: A spray to eliminate odors before using the toilet! This easy to make pre-poo potty spray eliminates bathroom odors by creating a barrier of essential oils trapping bad smells under the toilet water. Spray before you go and there’s no need to worry about unpleasant odors escaping! This spray is readily […]

Citrus Burst Room Spray Recipe

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This easy-to-make Citrus Burst Room Spray leaves any room smelling fresh and clean every time without all of the harsh, synthetic chemicals you find in other sprays. Ideal for leaving in the bathroom or any room that needs a bright pick-me-up. If citrus isn’t your thing, feel free to add any essential oil or essential […]

Holiday Spiced Orange Room Spray Recipe

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Give your home or holiday gathering a boost with this seasonal room spray: the Spiced Orange Room Spray. One of the best parts of the holidays is all the smells—cloves, peppermint, citrus. You want your home to evoke all the rich memories and favorite treats of the holidays, even if family is further away this […]