Ready to Label Planner

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Ready to launch your own brand with our Ready to Label products? Congratulations! It’s the easiest way to start your own skin care company or try out a new product. It’s similar to white label products, you just create the label and apply it yourself. This guide lists our names for the product (but feel […]

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How to Apply Labels to Your Custom Cosmetic Products

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Applying labels to your newly bottled cosmetics can feel tricky. What if the labels go on crooked? Do you need a labeling machine? How do you center the labels on the bottle? Labeling your own cosmetic products shouldn’t give you a headache, and it doesn’t have to. In this video you’ll learn a simple DIY […]

Creating Sets for New Product Lines: Ready to Label Pairing Guide

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For this blog we’re doing something a little different: offering our pairing suggestions for all our favorite Ready to Label (RTL) products so you can create coherent lines that fit in with your brand. They are marketed to people, skin, and hair of all types and should make the selection of RTL products much easier. […]

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Hand Crafted Beauty Gifts make You a Holiday Hero!

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Gift giving can be a challenge. Finding just the right gift for everyone on your list can be overwhelming especially if you’ve got a busy schedule already. Look no further because Essential has the perfect solution! Custom beauty gifts that will make you a holiday hero! We’ve taken our most popular premium natural and organic […]

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Selling at Summer Markets and Festivals

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Boost your Sales at Summer Markets and Festivals When you own your own craft or Indie Beauty business,summer can be a hectic and busy season. By selling at summer markets and festivals you can boost your sales, add new customers and increase brand awareness. But there’s a lot to consider when getting yourself and your […]