Daikon Radish Seed Oil – a natural lightweight carrier oil

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You might know daikon radish best from delicious food dishes, but like so many plants, it’s great for skin. In Japanese ‘dai-kon’ means big root, although there are many varietals native to countries across Europe and Asia. We use the seed extract of this radish and source it close to home—it grows commercially in the […]

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Everything You Need to Know About CBD Skincare

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We are launching a CBD-Inspired category and hope you’ll take advantage of this surging market trend! Derived from cannabis and hemp, CBD (aka cannabidiol) is being added to lotions, creams, oils, balms, and more. CBD skincare products have been featured in almost all major beauty publications as the market share increases, so now is the […]

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Tamanu Foraha Oil – Ingredient Highlight

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Tamanu oil is a mysterious, tropical oil discovered by Melanesian and Polynesian people centuries ago, and is only now beginning to attract attention from the beauty industry. Tamanu oil is at the cutting edge of emerging skincare products–and for good reason–its benefits are truly remarkable! Tamanu Oil Tamanu oil is different than any other oil available, as it contains three […]

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USDA Certified Organic Sea Buckthorn Berry Oil – Ingredient Spotlight

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Have you been searching for a star ingredient that has an amazing and undeniable visual “WOW” factor? Do you want to add color without using colorants or pigments? Consider USDA Certified Organic Sea Buckthorn Berry Oil! What is Sea Buckthorn Berry Oil? Sea Buckthorn Berry Oil is a fatty oil rich in palmitic acid (20-30%), […]

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