Shea Butter – USDA Certified Organic & Wild Crafted

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African women have long known the powerful secrets of Shea Butter and have used it for centuries to protect their hair and skin from the dry, hot desert climate. In the ancient Egyptian days of Cleopatra, there are many accounts of caravans carrying jars full of shea butter for trade as well as cosmetic use. […]

Selling at Summer Markets and Festivals

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Boost your Sales at Summer Markets and Festivals When you own your own craft or Indie Beauty business,summer can be a hectic and busy season. By selling at summer markets and festivals you can boost your sales, add new customers and increase brand awareness. But there’s a lot to consider when getting yourself and your […]

Silky Luminous Lotion is Here!

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Introducing our Newest Product: Silky Luminous Lotion Every once in a while a product comes along that everyone flips for. The over-25 crowd swoons about how this lotion makes their skin look and feel. The champagne color is delicate and fun. Created specifically for mature skin, but anyone wanting to get a little extra glow […]

DIY Recipe: Simply Perfect Yoga Mat Spray!

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Simply Perfect Yoga Mat Spray This Yoga Mat Spray will help keep your mat clean and fresh smelling. Your feet and hands and arms and legs and nose will thank you. Unlike most recipes, we do not recommend using Alcohol, Witch Hazel, Vinegar or water & essential oils. Alcohol and Witch Hazel can dry out […]