The High Cost of Lavender (and Other Ingredients)

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The price of Lavender Essential Oil has gone up again this month – another 12% on average. This huge jump follows similar increases in price each of the last three months.  Our suppliers tell us to not expect to see price, or availability, relief until next summer when the new crop is out.  This means that […]

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Lavender – The Plant and its Use in Skin Care

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Lavender is one of the most well-known herbs and the ambassador of aromatherapy to many people. An iconic addition to almost all postcards of southern France, it’s well-loved in aromatherapy, skin care, and hair care. We’ll discuss the plant itself, its versatility, and how to use it in cosmetics. The Lavender Plant Although available in […]

Ask the Aromatherapist: Distilling Your Own Essential Oils

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Distilling Your Own Essential Oils   Distilling Essential Oils – The Quest for Beauty As an aromatherapist, I think about the hows and whys of scents. A lot. I love working in my garden and imagining how essential oils and herbs were used by men and women in the centuries before me.  I often wonder […]

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Aromatherapy: Scents For Men

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Aromatherapy for Men by Kathy Steinbock, Cert. Aroma. R.A. Did you know there are a number of great essential oils whose scent are perfectly suited to a man’s temperament and sense of style? We’ve had chemical-based scents for ages. The over-flowing men’s product shelves at the grocery store confirm this; think Old Spice and Axe […]