What is Squalane & How to Use It

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Squalane has become incredibly popular in skin and hair care, and this lightweight oil is an excellent addition to many serums and moisturizers. What is Squalane, and What’s the Difference Between Squalane and Squalene? You’ve likely seen squalane populating ingredient lists in skin care products, or perhaps even earning the title spot on serums. It’s […]

Why Some Products Can Never Be Organic–We’re looking at you, Water

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When it comes time to find organic ingredients and products, you’ll quickly see that there are a few things that are never (and won’t ever) be classified as organic. This can be frustrating when you’re trying to certify your product, but there’s no getting around the scientific reasons that prevent things from being classed as […]

Organic vs Conventional Ingredients: What’s the Difference?

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There is so much to consider when you choose the ingredients for your natural skincare formulations.  Perhaps the first decision you will make, though, is whether to source organic or conventional ingredients. Organic ingredients can be expensive, but choosing conventional ingredients could mean your strictly organic- seeking customers may not be interested in your product. […]

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Behind the Scenes Detective work at Essential

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We have a lot of fun here at Essential learning about different ingredients we put into the products we make for our customers. Sometimes we even get to do a little old-fashioned detecting to find out what is really going on.  This story is about one of those moments where a customer’s question sent us down the investigative […]

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