Propanediol: An alternative to Propylene Glycol

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Propylene Glycol is a common cosmetic ingredient with many benefits including humectancy, solvency, moisturization, and emulsification, but did you know there’s an alternative? Essential is happy to announce the addition of Propanediol; a corn sugar derived alternative to Propylene Glycol, to our wide selection of cosmetic ingredients. Why use an Alternative? As consumers are becoming savvier and […]

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Recipes using Lingonberry 100% Natural Fragrance Oil

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  Creating with Lingonberry 100% Natural Fragrance Oil If you haven’t heard the great news that we are now offering 100% Natural Fragrance Oils, you’ll be in for a treat. You can read about our work with an internationally acclaimed perfume house to create our Lingonberry Natural Fragrance Oil and our Blueberry Natural Fragrance Oil. […]

Ask the Aromatherapist: Crafting Signature Scents by Blending Essential Oils

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Creating a unique blend to match your brand, your mood or your intended scent profile is both rewarding and fun. It’s also easier than one might think once you’ve had a little practice. I like to remind myself blending oils is a little bit science and a little bit art and a lot of personal […]