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Summer Survival – Best Skin Care Products for the Summer Months

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With summer coming the mercury isn’t going down anytime soon, so here’s a list of our favorite summer skin care. These items are designed to help you keep cool and hydrated in the summertime heat but all double as excellent year-round skin care–check out the list and find one perfect for your brand below.

The Aloe Gels – Soothe & Cool Skin After Long Summer Days

Aloe Gel

One of our most popular products, this Aloe Gel is perfect to customize with your own scent or add to your formulas. Or simply use as-is for an unscented, hydrating gel. Suitable for sensitive skin and excellent as a hydrating or calming mask, under-eye gel, or as a perfect hydrating foundation base, facial moisturizer, aftershave or full-body moisturizer.

Arctic Blue Cooling Gel

Treat skin with a cooling and hydrating gel, ideal after long days or for bodies of any age. Rub in a little Arctic Blue to deliver a powerful cooling sensation with this specially-formulated cooling gel ideal before or after workouts, or any time the AC just isn’t doing the trick!

Mango Soothing Aloe Gel

Soothe and hydrate skin with Organic Aloe and Natural Mango Fragrance Oil. This gel dries with a cooling sensation and Neem Extract provides extra moisturization. Keep in your car or purse for use on-the-go!

Sunless Tanning Gel

Complete your summer look with our safe and easy Sunless Tanning Gel. Achieve a warm, natural-looking glow whatever the season with this easy to use, streak-free self tanning gel. Produces a light to medium tan and is safe for the entire body.


Cucumber Summer Skin Care

Cucumber & Cranberry Gel

A clear jelly with deep hydration and the refreshing scent of fresh cut cucumbers, this gel also has antioxidant-rich cranberries. The gel format makes it great to cool skin, to hydrate or calm in a face masque, or even an under-eye gel.

Cucumber Facial Toner

For a purely refreshing and totally cucumber experience, try this Facial Toner. This formula brings all the wonderful, age-old cucumber benefits: revitalizing, relaxing, rejuvenating—everything your customers want and expect from cucumber products! A toner should be part of every routine, and in the summer this is a perfect addition to your line.

Cucumber Lotion

Complete your cooling cucumber selections with the luxurious Cucumber Lotion scented with Cucumber Distillate. Harness the power of Caffeic Acid and Vitamin C in Cucumber to nourish skin, help improve the appearance of firm skin, and soothe after long summer days.


Other Skin Care Favorites for Summer

Glycolic & Rose Gel Mask

This masque is delicately scented with relaxing rose distillate, and loaded with re-texturizing glycolic acid to help reduce the build-up of excess skin cells, allowing skin to breathe. Ideal to create a radiant glow in a spa or home spa setting.

Turmeric & Neem Scrub (USDA Certified Organic)

The Goldilocks of scrubs! Not too oily, not too dry—just right. Our top tip that makes this scrub ideal for hot days is to leave the scrub in the freezer before a shower or bath, and rub on feet hot from a long day. Neem and turmeric are very popular so consider tapping those markets and SEO (search engine optimization) with this excellent scrub.

Peppermint Lotion

You’ll love the refreshing burst of pure Peppermint Oil in this extremely hydrating lotion. It’s an invigorating lotion that helps create cooling sensations, ideal for the whole body or perhaps especially the feet. Easy for customers to understand and highly desired to cool in the summer, this is an easy addition to a line.

Citrus Spray

This light, refreshing Citry Spray is the perfect wake-me-up for tired skin, on the body or the face. So crisp, lively, and fresh! The invigorating combination of Pink Grapefruit, Red Mandarin, Litsea, and Sweet Orange enliven the senses and pick up the spirits. Great as an overall body spray, a facial toner, or an anytime-spritzer! Use however it fits into your line, and consider travel sizes!

MSM Rejuvenating Spray

This fantastic spray is a nutrient burst for your skin, focusing on rejuvenating youthful glow while hydrating. It combines the powerful benefits of vegan OptiMSM and vitamin-rich banana (but no noticeable scent and non-sticky). It’s one of our formulator’s favorites, so give it a try and get your own customer feedback.


Summer Scents – Customize Your Skin Care with Summer Essential Oils & Fragrance Oils

Many scents are associated with summertime–think florals and tropical scents like Coconut. Below are some of our favorites, and the graphic highlights some more unusual scents that subtly elevate products with bright fresh notes that are less predictable.

Common Summer Scents


summer scents essential oil skin care

We hope you’ve found a new favorite on this list. Order your samples in time for upcoming heat waves and let us know what you think in the comments below!

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