Solar-powered skincare at Essential Wholesale & Labs!

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As you think about how to increase your sustainability footprint, using skincare made at a solar-powered manufacturing facility is one giant step you can take. Solar technology may seem like a relatively recent phenomenon- with small solar panels powering street lights, homes, bus stops and even some very high-tech cars, as well as the huge installations sitting on top of commercial and city buildings around the world. But actually, the act of capturing and converting sunlight into energy is nothing new.  In fact, Swiss scientist Horace de Saussure was credited with building the world’s first solar collector as far back as the year 1767.
Two hundred and fifty years later in 2017, the public is increasingly looking to solar power for a cheaper, more abundant and environmentally sustainable source of energy. In 2016, one million solar systems were installed in the United States alone, and experts predict we will reach two million in two years’ time.
Essential Wholesale has adopted this remarkable technology here in Portland, and our re-purposed warehouse boasts an enormous solar power array, with over 400 panels generating about 147,000 kWh a year.  We worked in conjunction with Oregon Energy Trust, our landlord and a host of organizations to make this possible.  We now produce almost 80% of our energy needs and are happy to provide solar-powered skincare to our customers.
So far in 2017,  we have generated enough power to:
  • offset over 12,000 gallons of gasoline
  • charge 25, 475, 055 smart phones
  • provide power to 5,738 electric cars
  • avoid 83 tons of C02 emission into the atmosphere.

We also participate in UPS’s carbon neutral program, offsetting even more carbon emissions with every shipment we make to you.

Essential is committed to sustainability and innovative, alternative energy solutions.  We believe we are members of a broader community, and we want to do our part to contribute to and influence sustainable measures through the industry and our local community, too. These values drive our day-to-day activities and decisions. If you have any questions about our decision to adopt solar technology or are just curious about how it works, don’t hesitate to reach out to us.

If you’d like to track our solar energy progress, you can check out our real-time dashboard here.




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