Simple and Safe Alternatives to Talcum Powder

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Talcum powder has been used for generations as the go to powder to keep sensitive areas dry and prevent chafing. It’s the main ingredient in almost every body powder on drug store shelves. Unfortunately, it’s also a suspected ingredient linked to ovarian cancer and the recent subject of a sizeable settlement paid by Johnson & Johnson to a woman who claimed the talc in their baby powder was the cause of her ovarian cancer.  Before you swear off the comfort of your daily powder, try these easy alternatives to Talcum Powder.

Non- GMO Cornstarch
Used by cyclists and athletes, corn starch absorbs moisture and cuts down friction to prevent chafing and it feels soft and silky on the skin. Many claim it’s much better than traditional talcum powder which clumps when wet and becomes very uncomfortable. Non-toxic and edible, corn starch is a safe and easy alternative.

USDA Certified Organic Arrowroot Powder
Arrowroot powder is another non-toxic, safe alternative to talcum powder. Similar to cornstarch it reduces friction and prevents chafing. Derived from the tropical South American plant, Maranta arundinacea, arrowroot powder is highly absorbent and makes an excellent ingredient in body powder formulations.

While either cornstarch or arrowroot powder will work excellent on their own, you can certainly combine them with other absorbent ingredients to make the perfect custom body powder. Try mixing with chickpea powder, baking powder, and for an extra nice touch, you could even add some finely ground dried lavender, calendula, or chamomile.

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