Silky Luminous Lotion Natural and Organic Solutions for Mature Skin

Silky Luminous Lotion is Here!

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Introducing our Newest Product: Silky Luminous Lotion

Every once in a while a product comes along that everyone flips for. The over-25 crowd swoons about how this lotion makes their skin look and feel. The champagne color is delicate and fun.

Created specifically for mature skin, but anyone wanting to get a little extra glow will enjoy it.  We chose ingredients that work on the skin to hydrate, moisturize and improve the way skin looks and feels.

Natural and Organic Ingredients

Each ingredient was selected for its contribution to the product’s efficacy. Organic Aloe Juice, Organic Shea Butter, Organic Jojoba Seed Oil, Organic Grape Seed Oil, and Organic Pumpkin Seed Oil give this luxurious lotion it’s moisturizing and hydrating power. These are go-to ingredients when our skin feels dry and dull. Clary Sage, Jasmine, Rose, Ylang Ylang, Geranium, Neroli and Lavender lend their floral and sophisticated notes to create a lightly scented lotion perfect for every day.

Emulsified with Cetearyl Glucoside and Cetearyl Alcohol, the lotion has a refreshing feel when first applied. A few strokes and the lotion transforms into a soft powdery finish.

Product Thinking Behind Silky Luminous Lotion

We’ve asked our General Manager and resident Aesthetician to share with you why she decided to create this product and to tell us about the ingredients.

Q: What prompted you to create this product?

A: It was prompted by wanting to create something to soften the appearance of my skin on my décolletage. I wanted a lotion I could use any time of year so I had to create a product with a fine balance of both butters and oils, so it would absorb fast during summer and yet still feel nourishing during winter. I REALLY like the outcome.

Q: It is part of a collection specifically designed for mature skin. Can any age benefit from this product?

A: This lotion is light and thin so even teenagers can use it, as their skin is maturing, too. It can be used alone or under one’s sunscreen or with additional moisturizer if one feels the lotion is too light. The ingredients chosen aid in smoothing, soothing, hydrating, protecting and reviving ones skin.  

Q: Are there key ingredients you included because of their effect upon mature skin?

A: I had a ‘mature skin’ reason for every single ingredient, but I could go on forever with that, so to mention just a few; I included Hyaluronic Acid for extreme hydration, Pumpkin Seed Oil for its essential fatty acids, vitamins, minerals & antioxidants, Tripeptide for restoring the skin’s youthful appearance,  Shea Butter for its phytosterols, vitamins and essential fatty acids, Caffeine as an antioxidant & the ability to awaken the skin, and Lupine for its wonderful emollient & antioxidant properties.

Q: How could someone make this their own signature product?

A: I deliberately kept the scent light so others may add additional scents such as grapefruit, helichrysum or lavender. Truly whatever scent one would like. There is also the ability to add an additional 5% butter, such as Mango Butter if one would like to thicken the product more. 

Q: Could you add an Essential Oil to make it more tailored for a younger audience?

A: Sure. I recommend only adding up to 1%, but you can go up to 3% if you wish.

Q: How would you market this in a retail setting?

A: I would put this in a treatment pump or an airless bottle, and would promote it as a mature skin or brightening lotion. It’s perfect for the face, neck, and décolletage, but I’m loving it on my hands and arms too.

What People are Saying about Silky Luminous Lotion

We asked some of our product testers to share their thoughts on this lovely lotion in hopes you would get a clearer picture of what’s in the bottle for you and your customers.

  • The lotion is wonderful; melts right into your skin. It does do not leave an oily feel at all.

  • I really like using this as a thin facial lotion before my foundation as it soaks in nicely and feels reviving.

  • I love the powdery finish. My skin feels so soft and silky. I was expecting a big shimmery finish. It’s much more subtle, and I like that. I feel glowy, not shiny.

Ways to Market Silky Luminous Lotion

We think the Silky Luminous Lotion is terrific. You might want to add this to a travel-size collection that can pass through TSA or get tucked into an overnight bag.  Combine a little signature essential oil blend so it matches other products in your line. You might want to create a mature skin “on the go” set with the Mature Skin Facial Toner, Balancing AHA Facial Cleanser and the Ultimate Facial Serum. Four quick steps to beautiful skin.

This is also a great product for the 20’s and 30’s crowd who want to look fresh but don’t want to look made up. Slip it into an evening bag or a backpack– with sunscreen protection, too, for a quick way to brighten skin.

Packaging options include:

  • Treatment pump
  • Airless bottle
  • Disc-cap bottle

As with all our products, you can ask us to add a different scent, modify the product by adding additional ingredients, such as Mango Butter or Jasmine Butter, Vanilla Butter or Coffee Butter, with it’s own unique properties similar to those of caffeine.

If you’ve got any questions or ideas about Silky Luminous Lotion, please let us know. If you’d like to write a review or give us your feedback, please do, that, too!  We love hearing from you.


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