Scotch Pine Essential Oil

Scotch Pine Essential Oil

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The triangular, full shape of the young Scotch pine makes for a picture perfect Christmas tree, but did you know this beautiful tree also produces essential oil? Scotch pine essential oil smells sweet and piney, just like a fresh cut Christmas tree, and not anything like the commercial “pine” household cleansers you’re used to. What’s more, its mesmerizing aroma makes it easy to use alone or blend with other essential oils for a more sophisticated scent profile.

Scotch Pine Essential Oil Properties

The main constituents of Scotch pine essential oil are a-pinene, b-pinene, delta-3-carenem b-phellandrene, delta-cadinene, and camphene.  These all combine to make the clean and fresh scent as well as the skin-friendly benefits provided by this unique essential oil.

Outdoor Adventurer Deodorant Recipe

If you love spending time outdoors enjoying nature’s splendor, or if you just want that fresh-from-the-forest-smell, then this Outdoor Adventurer Deodorant is for you! Scotch pine essential oil helps keep odors away and blends beautifully with bergamot essential oil and benzoin resin for a light, clean fragrance. The deodorant base is non-aluminum and formulated with only the finest natural ingredients.

Equipment You’ll Need

  • hot plate, stove top, or microwave
  • glass or stainless steel pot (for melting deodorant)
  • thermometer (laser or candy thermometer)
  • deodorant tubes


1Lb                         Deodorant (Melt & Pour) 

1tsp                       Benzoin Resin

1Tbsp                    Pine Scotch Essential Oil
1Tbsp                    Bergamot Essential Oil



  1. Fully melt deodorant on a medium-low to medium setting in a stainless steel pot, or melt in a Pyrex bowl in the microwave.
  2. Add essential oils when temperature of deodorant is 110F or lower
  3. Pour off into deodorant tubes
  4. Wait for deodorant to cool to solid, then cap and use!
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