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Rooibos Facial Serum: What you should know

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There are a lot of serums to choose from and it’s hard to make it through the noise and figure out which one is best for you. We love our Rooibos Facial Serum for its hydrating and rejuvenating antioxidants that help fight time showing on our skin. Here we break down our chosen ingredients in this serum and then the role of serums themselves.


Rooibos is a shrub, found only on the steep slopes of the Western Cape in South Africa. It’s been drunk as a tea for centuries, and for a time in the war years of the twentieth century, it outpaced black and green tea consumption. As a tea, it produces a reddish color and has a more floral taste than black tea, and its consumption is steadily on the rise around the world. Unlike other teas with similar qualities, rooibos is caffeine free and low in tannins, which can sometimes cause digestive issues.

Rooibos, when applied topically in a lotion (or rooibos facial serum!), is full of things your skin loves, illuminating a luxurious youthful glow. It is super rich in antioxidants and minerals, and our organic rooibos also boasts alpha hydroxy acid or AHA. AHA is ideal in products for those suffering from dry or sensitive skin issues and can easily be added to your skincare routine.

Other Ingredients

We’ve thought a lot about how to showcase rooibos and jam-pack a serum with all our favorite ageless ingredients. Our serum focuses on antioxidants and hydration, so we included organic aloe. Aloe is famous for its cooling, hydrating properties and is suitable for sensitive skin. We added DMAE (Dimethylethanolamine, famous for its age-fighting) to tone skin, and it’s also ideal for oily skin types. Next, we added MSM (Methylsulfonylmethane, sometimes referred to as the ‘miracle supplement’) that works to keep skin soft and supple. Soothing jojoba oil and organic neem oil provide luxurious hydration. Each ingredient works in concert to deliver maximum benefits and soft skin. We’re proud that our serum is 69% organic and palm oil-free.


Serums are the secret weapon in revitalizing your skin because they typically have a higher concentration of nourishing ingredients. Consumers are prepared to pay a higher price for these items because of that increased concentration, and serums are particularly associated with caring for dry and mature skin.

Serums are most successful when used after cleansing and before adding other lotions or makeup. For example, here’s a typical skincare routine you could use:

  1. Cleanse your face with a non-irritating cleanser
  2. Apply a toner to give your face a final wash, balance pH, and improve the appearance of pores
  3. Time for the serum! Massage in a small amount of your favorite serum over your entire face
  4. Now add any crèmes, lotions, and sunscreens to boost hydration and protection


Rooibos Facial Serum is a great standalone product for people with mature or troublesome skin. It can also be used as part of a luxury pack that focuses on mature, dry, or sensitive skin. Essential and fragrance oils can be added to give a more custom scent, or you can check out our other serums.

In summary, rooibos is very on-trend and for good reason. Skin loves its revitalizing properties and time-fighting, nourishing effects.


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