Recipe Wall of Fame: Kathy’s Royal Elegance

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Kathy Steinbock returned to the lab this week to make another wonderful perfume balm, Royal Elegance. This time, Kathy wanted to make a perfume a bit of a royal touch, and was thinking of blending both ‘masculine’ oils with ‘feminine’. Then it occurred to us that EW&L’s Elegance Essential Oil Blend was just that- it features Essential Oils and Absolutes of Rose, Jasmine, Lemon & Ylang Ylang. Jasmine and Rose are known as the King & Queen of Flowers!


Our ingredients include:

2 oz of Perfumer’s Balm

1 oz of Elegance Essential Oil Blend


First, we empty the 2oz of Perfumer’s Balm into a measuring cup and melt it down. It’s always best to use a stove top at low heat, so you may need to use a small steel pot instead.




Once the mixture is completely liquid we add our 1oz of Elegance Essential Oil Blend…



…and stir…




Now, for our purposes of creating samples we’ll fill about 24-25 sample sized containers.




And there we have it- Royal Elegance!

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