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Recipe: How to Make a Papaya & Pink Clay Mask

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This exfoliating mask packs a powerful punch with Bromelain as the active enzyme. Bromelain is found in pineapples and is known for its exfoliant properties. Combined with soothing oatmeal and purifying pink clay this Papaya & Pink Clay Mask will leave your skin feeling petal-soft and moisturized.

You can learn more about bromelain in this blog.

Follow along as Teeneke makes this great recipe in the video, or jump below to get written instructions and purchase ingredients.

Papaya & Pink Clay Mask – Ingredients & Directions

Equipment You’ll Need

• Glass or non-metal Mixing Bowl
• Non-metal spoon or utensil for mixing
• Measuring cups/spoons or scale

Difficulty Level: Easy
Approximate yield: 1 Pound (6 – 4oz jars)
Approximate cost per pound: $11.00
Suggested packaging: 4oz jar
Suggested retail price: $15 – $20

Ingredient                                 Lbs         Kitchen      % by weight
Pink Clay                                  0.271        1 Cup        27.10%
USDA Arrowroot Powder                 0.3794      1 Cup        37.94%
Bromelain Powder                        0.0217       2 Tbsp       2.17%
Papaya Natural Fragrance Oil           0.0027      ½ Tsp       0.27%
Oatmeal – whole oat or colloidal       0.3252      1 Cup       32.52%


1. In a glass or non-metal bowl, mix all ingredients adding the papaya natural fragrance oil last.
2. Be sure all ingredients are thoroughly mixed and then fill into jars.
3. Hydrate with water, juice, yogurt, milk or any other liquid that sounds good!
4. Apply to face with a brush or fingers, leave on for 10 -20 minutes and gently rinse.
5. Follow with toner, serum, and moisturizer. Immediately discard any unused portion of the hydrated mask.

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