how to make hydrating serum hibiscus DIY recipe

Recipe: How to Make a Hibiscus Hydration Facial Serum

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Hibiscus is not only an amazing antioxidant ingredient for mature skin, but it also has a beautiful color and aroma. Combine that with the extreme hydration of hyaluronic acid and vegetable glycerin, along with powerful time fighting ingredients like OptiMSM and potassium azeloyl diglycenate, and your skin will look and feel radiant, youthful, and hydrated!

Follow along with Teeneke in this video and scroll to some written instructions below:


• Measuring spoons
• Measuring cup
• Mixing bowl
• Stick blender


• 2 cups – Hibiscus tea – use your favorite brand
• 1 tsp – Hyaluronic acid powder
• 1 tsp – Vegetable glycerin (infused with hibiscus – optional) More on glycerin infusions here
• 1 tbsp – Potassium azeloyl diglycinate
• 1 tsp – OptiMSM
• 1 tsp – Optiphen Plus


1. Make hibiscus tea and hibiscus glycerin extract.
2. Add OptiMSM to tea and mix until fully dissolved. This should happen quickly if your tea is still hot.
3. Add potassium azeloyl diglycinate and Vegetable Glycerin to tea.
4. Grab your stick blender and add hyaluronic acid to your tea slowly while constantly mixing. This will increase the viscosity of your tea and create the “serum” consistency.
5. Finally, add your Optiphen Plus for preservation and pour off into your packaging.

Use this serum after cleansing and toning. Apply while face is still wet with toner. After applying, let your skin rest for 1-5 minutes. This allows time for all of these wonderful ingredients to go to work. Apply your facial moisturizer as your final step.

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Rhonda Leigh Rooke
5 months ago

Can you tell me please the molecular weight of the hyaluronic acid you are using?

Brandon Paul(@brandon-paul)
4 months ago

The mw falls between 1.7 and 2 million daltons.