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Recipe: Don’t Bug Me Skin Balm

Written by: | July 24, 2020 | Leave a Comment

This Summer, create an easy and no-mess balm that keeps your family and pets comfortable. It is especially useful if you live close to a lake or pond! The Don’t Bug Me Blend and Lemon Eucalyptus, in addition to Neem Oil, give this balm the power it needs to make sure you’re not bugged when you’re outside! It’s easy to make and the deodorant tube packaging allows you to apply to exposed areas without getting your hands messy or spray on your clothes.



Makes approximately one pound.

Equipment You’ll Need:

  • Hot plate or stove top
  • Kitchen scale
  • Heat-proof glass beaker
  • Metal mixing spoon


Directions – How to Make a Balm

1. Combine all ingredients and heat on stove top or hot plate until fully melted.

2. Mix thoroughly and let cool to pour into deodorant tubes or large sunstick tubes or jars.

3. Use as needed on exposed skin outdoors.

4. Enjoy!

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