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The Rainbow Collection – vivid natural colors!

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THE RAINBOW COLLECTION: For the Kid in All of Us

Let your inner child shine, or simply appeal to the playful kids in your life with the new & fruity bio-colored Rainbow Collection! 6 natural colors (plant-derived) with 6 delicious scents, AND there are 3 different ways to experience them: the Body Washes, the Lotions, and the new Whipped Soaps!

These natural colors are beautiful and fun, and we’re proud to use these vibrant plant-derived pigments and natural fragrance oils. Choose the type of product and texture that match your brand, and tap into the fun of skincare.

The Rainbow Collection – natural colors and fragrance

We are introducing 6 color and scent profiles, including Bouncy Blueberry, Perfect Pear, Lively Lemon, Playful Papaya, Luscious Lingonberry, and Marvelous Marionberry.

The washes are vibrant and translucent and hold their fruity smells well. The lotions are very delicate pastel shades with subtle scents, and the whipped soaps are the brightest of the three with a medium-strength scent.

Currently, we have a sample pack available of just the 6 washes, but both the whipped soap and lotions are available in sample sizes too.

How Vibrant Natural Colors are Created

We know that the natural biocolors are what make this collection stand out, emphasizing that natural and plant-based do not have to be boring anymore! The colors in this collection are created from plant extracts, and those extracts are listed in the ingredient list of all the products. For example, the color part of the Bouncy Blueberry Whipped Soap is formed of Neem Extract, Amino Esters-1, Ivy Gourd, Eggplant Extract, Aloe Extract, Henna Extract, Tulsi Extract, Turmeric Extract, Pearl Powder, and Water.

Unfortunately, these colors are extremely expensive, although you only need the smallest amount to achieve vivid results. These colors are not available for purchase directly through our website, instead, we offer them to customers pursuing Private Label. If you are ready to take that step please email info@ewlnatural.com with as many details as possible about what you are trying to do, what your timeline is, and what your requirements are and our team will help you out.

Fun with Whipped Soaps

In addition to the Whipped Soaps, we offer a plain white, unscented whipped soap base for you to use and experiment with. One of our formulators, Teeneke, has created a great video demonstrating a few ideas you can use—for example, pipe it out into shapes with pastry bags, add charcoal and glitter to create a cosmic soap or anything else you can dream up!


If you would like guidance on choosing easily found natural pigments, check out this blog on colorants you can find in your kitchen, garden, or to purchase from Essential Wholesale online.

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