Q. Have you changed your formulas? There are new ingredients listed in many products.

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A. Great question!  We work very hard to be as transparent and truthful as we can be about the ingredients in our products. Recently we’ve been updating our ingredient lists on the website and you may, for example, now see the addition of Soybean Oil on products that include Vitamin E. Vitamin E requires a carrier oil and our conventional Vitamin E uses Soy Bean Oil.  Our Non-GMO Vitamin E uses Sunflower Oil. You may also see the addition of Organic Alcohol (derived from Sugar Cane). It is used in the process of creating tinctures. “Stearic acid” is composed of Palmitic Acid, Stearic Acid, and Myristic Acid. Rest assured, we have not changed our formulas. The expanded ingredient list is something we are doing because we believe you want to know what is really in your product. Read more about truth in labeling from our SVP, Laura Badcock.

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