Put your Best Face Forward with Five for Men

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A New Collection for Men, and the Women Who Love Them.

Five for Men! Straightforward grooming for men with exceptionally crafted products for skin and hair.  With just five simple steps, men can wash, shave, and groom.  And unlike many men’s products, these are scented with a uniquely masculine blend of ginger, coriander, and frankincense for a spicy, earthy scent that’s perfectly balanced for men.

FIVE for Men introduces a simple five-step system for head to toe grooming.  With a unique signature scent of ginger, coriander and frankincense, this spicy, earthy collection nourishes, cleans, hydrates, nourishes, and styles.  

ONE: Hair & Body Wash Start your day with ONE: Hair & Body Wash! This wash is fresh and clean with uplifting ginger, coriander and frankincense essential oils. Gentle enough to use every day, but powerful enough to wash away dirt, grime, and sweat from a hard days work….or play!

TWO: Shave Creme  This shave cream steals the show! Crafted with soothing aloe, papaya and pineapple to help soften hairs, and skin-nourishing jojoba oil and shea butter.  The gentle, spicy scent of ginger, coriander, and frankincense help make the daily shaving chore a more uplifting and enjoyable experience, and may even make you want to shave more often!

THREE: AHA Aftershave Toner: Alpha hydroxy acids help skin to look it’s best, especially after a good, close shave. This aftershave splash helps to tone and rebalance skin. Organic Aloe helps to soothe, while organic lavender helps calm and quell, as the natural AHA’s go to work to gently smooth and refine skin after shaving.

FOUR: Beard & Mustache Oil: Organic moringa oil, marula oil, and hemp seed oil are the stars of this expertly formulated beard and mustache oil. Lightly conditioning without being sticky or weighing down your hairs.  Lightly scented with ginger, coriander, and frankincense.

FIVE: Beard & Mustache Balm: Creating the perfect style for your beard and mustache sets you apart from the crowd and FIVE: Beard and mustache styling balm is the perfect balm for creating the perfect style. Packed with hair softening and skin nourishing ingredients such as organic olive oil, cranberry, raspberry and poppy seed oils, and shea and kokum butter.

Discover Five for Men and put your best face forward!

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