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Pets and Natural Pet Care Products

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Today we’re talking about our furry and feathered friends, because they deserve great products, too.

Did you know 65% of all US households have at least one pet in them?! That’s 80 million households where humans and pets are hanging out enjoying each other and making life better for everyone.  And the 2017-2018 trends show a meteoric rise in consumer spending for natural and organic pet food and pet care products.  In 2017, $69.51 billion was spent on our pets in the U.S. and that amount is expected to reach nearly $70 billion in 2018.  More than $21 billion of that $69.51 billion was spent on grooming, boarding, pet care supplies (not food or treats), and OTC medication.  Grooming services, including self-service and mobile options, are the fastest growing segment.

As humans, we are being more and more careful to check the labels and we are willing to choose more expensive products if they contain less toxic, less synthetic chemicals.  And this trend is spilling over into pet care, with 60% of the spending attributed to high-income households.

The American Pet Products Association have identified two key trends propelling growth in the pet industry:

  1. Humanization
    Pets have often been considered part of the family — much more so than working animals.  But in recent years that has started to translate to actually treating pets more like people – a trend called “humanization.” Humans are budgeting for higher quality foods, high-end accessories, and more expensive medical treatments. “Say Yes to the Dress even had a segment on a dog wedding!”
  2. Premiumization
    Premiumization is happening all through consumer products from designer coffees to haute couture for kids. For our pets, premiumization manifests in higher-end or specialty products and services that cater to ‘needs’ of our pets as we seen them through the ‘humanization’ lens. Organic and natural treats and foods, dog-walking apps, natural and organic grooming and natural pet care, and luxury services are all part of this premiumization trend.

Natural Pet Grooming Products

Pet ownership has significantly increased in the United States over the past decade, so it’s a great time to tap the pet market. Combine cat and dog ownership rates increasing with the growing appreciation of natural products, and you have a match made in heaven: natural pet care! It should be easy to incorporate a pet line into your brand, so we’ve put together our three favorite pet products in a handy sampler for you to try. We also have quite a few other products that are suitable for cats and dogs. Please remember, however, that cats cannot have any product with essential oils, whereas dogs can use more mild options.

The Pet Pack – Natural Pet Care for Dogs and Cats

Kathy Steinbock and Grand Champion Wicca

Our own Kathy Steinbock, Sr. Account Executive, and Cert. Aromatherapist/Registered Aromatherapist also happens to be the proud pet-mom of national and international grand champion Staffordshire Bull Terriers. These small dogs are all smiles and love to play and snuggle when not competing in the ring.  Kathy helped create our Pet Line, which developed out of her experience with hundreds of dogs and pet owners around the continent.

Her advice to pet owners is simple: “before you jump in and start using your expensive natural shampoo and body care products for your pets, it’s also important to remember that both dogs and cats have different skin pH than humans. So while they might love a blueberry aloe gel facial, they actually need their very own premium products designed specifically for them.”

Kathy also reminded us that dogs and cats are very sensitive to essential oils — and only a few are actually good for big dogs.  Cats should not be exposed to essential oils, and we also recommend checking with your vet to be sure you’re using oils in safe amounts.

We have a range of natural pet care products, and we’re excited to share our new Pet Pack with you, available on Friday, April 20 in time for Earth Day!

The Pet Pack has three basic products and a fun dog-bone keychain.

pH Balanced Pet Wash

Formulated specially for dogs and cats, this wash cleans and nourishes pet hair and skin, no matter how much mud or mischief is covering your pet. This is the ideal entry into the pet market and a great chance to educate pet owners on the need for animal-specific products. If targeting only dogs, feel free to add your own blend of dog-friendly essential oils like lavender or coniferous bases (or our Big Dog EO Blend!).

Pet Conditioner

pH-balanced like the Pet Wash, the Conditioner leaves hair and fur feeling silky smooth and ready for cuddles. It uses fur-friendly organic aloe and hydrolyzed wheat protein for strengthening, and is also great for both dogs and cats. Add essential oils that are safe for dogs in small amounts, and keep your pets smelling sweet!

Leave-In Detangler Spray

Long-haired pets are prone to matted fur or tangles just like our own hair, so spray on this light and non-sticky leave-in detangler. Keep canine fur and tails tangle-free and easy to pet, without having to chop out the mats that so often form.

Additional Pet-Friendly Products

Body and Linen Spray

When your pet comes in from an exciting day and flops down on their bed (or yours!), you might want to freshen up that doggy fabric! Turn towards the Body and Linen Spray. Calming and suitable for cats on its own, add a beautiful scent profile friendly to dogs if marketing only to dog owners. A great product to complete a pet care line and diminish the natural ‘odors’ a playful dog can bring in to the house. It does double duty as an excellent spray for our own skin, too!

Barrier Balm – USDA Certified Organic

The barrier balm is great for revitalizing majorly dry skin, and also protecting paws! It rubs in easily and can help the rough spots on paws that are formed with rugged adventures. It’s also great in winter when ice and snow can roughen up paws and strain those pads. Mild scenting with lavender means this is great for dogs only.

Dry Shampoo

Not just for humans, dry shampoo is a great intermediary to remove grease or oils from doggy coats. Suitable to use in moderation, a light dusting on the head will help extend the time between washes on what tends to be the oiliest part of a dog’s body (and no coincidence that’s where they’re pet most often).

Big Dog Essential Oil Blend

Blended with the big-dog friendly essential oils of -Cypress, Cedarwood, Citronella, Lemongrass, Lavender, and Tea Tree, this is a perfect blend for adding to the body and linen spray, the ph Balanced Pet Wash or the barrier balm.  You can also add it to paw wax or gentle laundry detergent.  But use less than you would for a human — remember dogs are very sensitive to smells and to the essential oils themselves.

Warning: Not suitable for cats or small dogs!

The Pet Pack will be available on Friday, April 20th in time for Earth Day! For each Pet Pack purchased, we’ll plant a tree through One Tree Planted.


Do you use natural pet care products? Let us know how you care for your pets, and what your customers like about your pet-care products.


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3 years ago

This is excellent. I’m thinking of adding a pet care range but would love an SLS & Gycol free range with an anti-smelly pet spray. Dogs/cats are a growing market as you say. Well done enjoyed reading this!

3 years ago

Melaleuca/Tea Tree Essential Oil is very controversial as to being safe for dogs. There are many “It’s OK” and “It’s not OK” opinions among aromatherapists. Most Vets are not knowledgeable about Essential Oils, so relying on their opinion is questionable. Not demeaning Vets but the use of EO’s is new and I am thinking not taught. Research before using it! But in weak dilutions might be ok.
I am interested in the sets and do want to try the samples.

3 years ago

I manufacture an all-natural insect repellent for humans but am frequently asked if it is safe for pet use. While I do have customers that use and love it on their animals, I am wary of recommending it for such use as I have not had it validated as pet safe. I would love to do so but have had no luck in finding out how to do so/ Any recommendations?