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Summer is the small, glorious window of time when we try to fit in as much outdoor adventure as possible. Whether your summer includes camping and hiking, trips to the beach, or even a simple picnic at the park, it’s hard enough to pack all of the gear and food for your trips, let alone bottles of necessary skin & body care products. Many of us enjoy an active outdoor lifestyle here in the Pacific Northwest, which is probably why we’ve found multiple uses for the products we make at Essential. After all, it’s much easier to pack just one of something that can serve multiple functions! Check out these neat ideas for using your favorite Essential products in multiple ways!

Clarifying Facial Cleanser

Clarifying Facial Cleanser uses activated charcoal to help gently wash away all of the dirt and grime from the day. The charcoal binds to dirt and other chemicals allowing you to wash them away easily. While this might be your favorite facial cleanser, it can also be used as a hair and body wash! It can help to gently remove chlorine and other pool chemicals without leaving your hair or skin feeling stripped. It won’t suds up like other washes or shampoos, but it sure gets the job done without having to pack more than one bottle to wash your entire body!


This biodegradable powder formula is a perfect companion for your summer camping trips or to keep in your suitcase when you travel. The gentle cleansing action of Sodium Cocoyl Isethionate makes this lightweight powder soap gentle enough to use for any cleaning that needs to be done at the campsite. You can easily wash your hands, body, face, hair and even clothes and dishes with Ecosuds! It’s much easier to carry in your backpack than liquid soap and you can feel good about leaving no trace behind when using well away from fresh water sources.

USDA Certified Organic Peppermint Facial Toner

This refreshing toner is cool and invigorating and can double as a quick way to wipe away dust and sweat from the trail! Not only will it work to cool you down, it can also help freshen up clothes and shoes after a long day of hiking!

Walnut Body Polish

Nothing feels better after a day of playing outdoors than a cool shower with some Walnut Body Polish. This polish will scrub away any grass stains left on your skin and will exfoliate away all the dirt and grime left behind by your soap. This also doubles as a great de-greaser after working in the garage!

These are just a few of the products that Essential makes that serve double duty for your outdoor adventures! Be sure to check out our website for more ideas and get out there and play!


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