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Our Top Winter Skin Products

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Winter weather is hard on the skin, forcing it to switch from wind and cold outdoor temperatures to dryness and heat indoors. Our top winter skin products are perfect for keeping skin looking healthy and happy in winter, providing extra nourishment and hydration.

Essential has hundreds of products designed for all types of skin and weather, but we’ve selected some of the best products for winter skin to help you build a routine for yourself and your customers.


The Best Skin Care Products for Winter

Essential has many skin care products to keep skin looking healthy and happy in winter, and we’ve selected some of our favorites to follow a complete routine.


Bath & Shower Products for Winter

Essential Exotic Shampoo & Body Wash – This shampoo and body wash smells nothing like winter in the northern hemisphere, and that’s part of why we love it! Bright, tropical, rich, and soothing, this shampoo is scented with neroli and colored with natural plant extracts. Can double as a gentle facial cleanser too!

Mango Deep Conditioner – With a neroli body wash it makes sense to follow up with one of our most popular conditioners, scented with Mango. This conditioner is scented with delightful natural mango fragrance oil and helps to smooth hair and add moisture and shine.

Mint AHA Walnut Body Polish – When skin gets a little rough or simply unhappy switching between heat and cold, try this best-selling walnut scrub. Designed for use on the body rather than the face, this scrub leaves skin looking healthy and smooth.

Lavender Shortbread Cookie Scrub – If you’re looking for a sweet and soothing scrub, try this indulgent Lavender Shortbread version. This scent is a treat to use for all ages!

Goat Milk Bath Soak – Elevate your warm winter bath with this ultra-soothing bath soak. Goat milk has been used for millennia to brighten and beautify, and with gentle natural acids to keep skin looking youthful this product is great year-long.


Facial Skin Care Products for Winter

Rooibos Facial Cream Exfoliant – A gentle facial exfoliant in a cream base–perfect for winter weather when skin needs extra nourishment and care. With jojoba wax beads instead of microplastics, your skin and the environment will love this cream exfoliant.

Aloe & Glycerin Facial Toner – Use this soothing toner to help moisturize skin of all types.

Niacinamide Facial Serum – Don’t forget that skin still needs all the usual nutrients and vitamins in winter, not just extra moisture. Lay the foundation for beautiful skin with this best-selling vitamin B3 serum!

Rejuvenating Skin Oil – This luxurious oil is scented with premium jasmine and other light essential oils and is also rich in antioxidants to soothe and nourish the skin. Excellent as skin matures to maintain a youthful glow.

Moisturizing Body Cream – Although initially designed for use on the body, this cream makes an excellent, slightly heavier face cream. We often use it as a night cream, but on those cold windy days this is the perfect final layer before putting on sunscreen (yes, even in winter!).


Creams & Balms for Winter Weather

Cocoa Butter Cream – A rich, moisturizing cream with a light chocolatey scent from natural cocoa butter. An excellent choice around the holidays or Valentine’s Day.

Shea Butter Cream – Easier to use than pure Shea Butter, this cream is rich and thick. Stubborn, dry, or ashy skin? This is the cream for you!

Lavender Body Butter Cream – A pleasantly-scented and rich body butter cream to soothe mind and body after a long day outside.

Unscented Whipped Mango Rescue Butter – This spreadable whipped body butter leaves skin soft and smooth, without feeling greasy. A customer favorite! Also available in Ready to Label sizes.

Barrier Balm – A little goes a long way with this ultimate layer of nourishing protection. Apply a small amount and rub in thoroughly on those roughest, driest patches of skin.


We hope you’ll find a new favorite on this list and stock your shelves with some of the best products for winter weather. Which are your customers’ favorites?

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