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Try the Organic Collection Sampler – New & Improved USDA Certified Favorites!

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One of our best-selling samplers, the USDA Certified Organic Collection has been reimagined and we’re excited to introduce you to the New USDA Certified Organic Collection Sampler.  You’ll love this collection of best-selling products selected to inspire and delight you, your customers and of course, your skin.  Selected from 24 of our Organic finished products (plus an Essential Oil for your own use), these seven products will give you a chance to experience the different types of products you can find on our website:  lotions, scrubs, oils, toners, and body sprays with fruit powder, are all here for you to try.  And we hope you’ll agree that organic doesn’t mean boring!

If you’d like to fill any of the products under your own brand, you can partner with our contract manufacturing and filling team and together we’ll help you get USDA Certified Organic with use of the official logo. This is an easier way to enter the certified organic market than creating your own formulas or becoming a certified Organic Handler.


Dream Crème

The star of our collection, Dream Creme is a rich, dense emulsion — something hard to achieve in organic formulations. Feature star ingredients of Organic Shea Butter, Organic Acai Extract (rich in antioxidants), Organic Aloe and Organic Beeswax.  Specially formulated to rehydrate both dry hair and dry, mature skin. You’ll tame frizzy flyaways, soften coarse curls, and hydrate and moisturize your skin from head to toe.   Adding Dream Creme to your lineup will really help your brand stand out in a crowded marketplace.  You can add a small amount of EOs for scent, too.

Turmeric and Neem Scrub

Get your hands on this salt-based, warming scrub perfect for people with oily or chaotic skin. This USDA Certified Organic scrub capitalizes on the amazing benefits of turmeric and combines them with the hydrating luxurious Organic Neem Oil. It has a light bright scent with a hint of citrus, but could easily take more scent to match your brand.  It’s the perfect scrub for feet, elbows, and knees, yet gentle enough for legs, arms, and hands.

Virgin Coconut Sugar Scrub

Surround yourself with the lush scent of coconut while you soothe and hydrate thirsty dry skin leaving it soft and silky as an island breeze. This USDA Certified Organic scrub is one of our most popular, combining extra-exfoliating Organic Cane Sugar with buttery-soft and luxurious pure Organic Virgin Coconut Oil. This eco-chic scrubs moisture boost last long after the experience is over. It is sure to please your most discerning Organic and green-conscious buyers! Add tropical flavors of lime, pineapple, and mango or use as is for a delightful trip to the tropics.

Affirming Body & Hair Oil

Organic Jojoba and Organic Rosehip Seed Oil blend to create this upscale, omega-fatty-acid-rich oil. It absorbs quickly into skin and hair, and the subtle hints of rosemary and grapefruit uplift the spirit. Use as a massage oil, a face and body serum, a facial oil cleanser, a smoothing hair oil, and a hand and cuticle rub.

Peppermint Toner

Balance your skin’s pH to help minimize the look of pores, removing residuals missed during cleansing. This refreshing USDA Certified Organic toner is designed for oily skin and helps soothe skin of all types with Organic White Willow Bark Extract and Organic Aloe Leaf Juice.

Lemongrass Zest Body Spray

This light, fast-absorbing spray hydrates, soothes and revives dry, tired-looking skin. It’s rich in antioxidants, vitamins, potent malic alpha-hydroxy acids and much more. This spray takes advantage of Organic Pomegranate Juice Powder while delivering a wakeful zing of Lemongrass.

Sweet Orange EO, 1 oz

If you’re ready to scent your own products or expand your essential oil collection, this USDA Certified Organic Sweet Orange Essential Oil is an ideal place to start. Sweet and lively, this scent reads as luxurious while still appealing to a broad market.

Scenting Ideas

We are providing 1 fl oz of our amazing Organic Sweet Orange essential oil to give you the ability to scent the unscented products and compliment the beautiful grapefruit in the affirming hair & body oil. It can also partner with the Lemongrass in the Zest Spray or energize the Peppermint Toner.

Turmeric and Neem Scrub                 2 net oz

Although there is grapefruit in this scrub, we have found that adding just 1% of sweet orange essential oil takes this scrub to another world. Simply take your 2oz of Turmeric & Neem scrub and measure out 0.0208 oz (roughly 12 drops) of Sweet Orange Essential Oil and add directly on top of the scrub. Stir with a small sanitized spoon and voila, enjoy the uplifting aroma of this scrub. It’s like a sunrise in a jar.

Virgin Coconut Sugar Scrub          2 net oz

Transport your bath routine to the tropics by adding 1% of Sweet Orange Essential Oil to this lovely coconut scrub. Simply take your 2oz of scrub and measure out 0.0208 oz (again roughly 12 drops) of the oil and add directly on top of the scrub. Stir with a small sanitized spoon until completely mixed.

Dream Cream                                  2 net oz

Add to the peace and happiness of mind and body when you add in 1.5% of the Sweet Orange Essential Oil. Simply take your 2oz of cream and measure out 0.0320 oz (roughly 18 drops) of the essential oil and add directly on top of the cream. Stir with a small sanitized spoon until completely mixed in.

With the leftover sweet orange, either keep in the fridge for later use or use weekly in your essential oil diffuser.

Enjoy this new Organic Sampler.  And let us know how you keep Organic from being boring!


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