Oakmoss Absolute for Men’s Skincare

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 Oakmoss Absolute

Rich and earthy, Oakmoss Absolute is an excellent choice when creating that perfect signature scent for your Men’s Skincare Line. Lichen (Evernia prunasti) has a uniquely masculine and sensual aroma. The deep undertones of bark and moss are both uplifting and grounding. Oakmoss provides an intense earthy, smokey richness reminiscent of fall leaves on the ground and wet lichen in the trees.  Plus, Oakmoss is not just an amazing smell; is soothing for the skin and helps retain moisture.

Oakmoss will work well in toners and splashes, shave creams, body washes, and deodorant. It might also become your new favorite scent for laundry detergent when mixed with lavender or patchouli.  Our certified aromatherapist, Kathy Steinbock, likes to combine Oakmoss and Black Pepper essential oil for a sophisticated (but not snooty) scent.  You can also add a little Bergamot for a citrus note.  Oakmoss also blends well with the coniferous EOs like cypress and cedarwood.  Vetiver is similar in scent profile and could create a nice soft addition to your oakmoss. For a floral addition to this rich, earthy scent, try lavender or geranium.  Both ylang-ylang and rose probably won’t work will with oakmoss, but you may find you love it.

Oakmoss primarily grows on oak trees in Europe and North America. It also grows on firs and pines all around the world and can have a more turpentine scent when it grows on pines. Oakmoss is a lichen that varies in color from almost white when dry to minty and deep greens when it’s wet and its growth resembles antlers. Often used as a fixative, Oakmoss improves the longevity of perfumes and colognes and lends a soft forest-like, rich and earthy aroma.

Oakmoss can be sticky and may need to be slightly warmed before you use it.

Technical Specs for Essential’s Oakmoss Absolute:

Country of Gathering: Macedonia
Country of Manufacturing: France
Scent: moss family/roots, smoked
Color: dark brown
Viscosity: pasty liquid

The International Fragrance Association (IFRA), based in Geneva, lists Oakmoss as a restricted component for fragrances because some people can be sensitive to moss, lichen, and oak.   There are 11 categories and you can search  Google with the search query: Oakmoss” AND IFRA.  For the most part, Oakmoss can be between .1% and .5% of the total product formula.  Less than that for lip balms.  Which is probably fine since oakmoss is such a strong scent profile. As a comparison, IFRA lists 5% as the % for peppermint in lip balms.  If you don’t know about the IFRA, you’ll learn a lot when you start your research.

Thanks and let us know how you’re blending with Oakmoss.

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