Non-GMO corn starch: 8 Amazing Facts

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Corn is ubiquitous in our American lives–it’s present in our food, pharmaceuticals, cleaning products– even textiles.  In fact, more than 20 different cosmetic ingredients are derived from corn,  from oils to extracts to powders, and more.

Essential sources non-GMO corn starch and spends considerable time and effort selecting our ingredients to make sure they are safe, effective, and sustainable so you can be sure you are getting the best products and ingredients, too. We take many things into consideration when we source ingredients, and we wanted to share that information with you.

Below are 8 fast facts about non-GMO corn starch:

  1. Non- GMO corn starch is a natural, biodegradable, sustainable and a nonirritating carrier for actives in many formulations.
  2. Corn starch in known for its soothing effect on irritated skin.
  3. Non-GMO corn starch is produced from specially cultivated corn by means of an up-to-date refining process.
  4. Non-GMO corn starch allows for a natural product claim and provides sensorial benefits at a lower cost than other modified starches, making this an efficacious replacement in baby dusting and topical powders, creme powder, lotions, skin and hair masks, loose and compact makeup and bath salt products.
  5. Non-GMO corn starch is a great replacement for talc, and fumed silica in powder cosmetic products. Sensory screening shows that cornstarch provides a unique powdery- dry, smooth skin feel, helps to control immediate and residual shine, and reduces perceivable tackiness/stickiness. This makes corn starch an excellent ingredient in compact makeup applications, as well as lotions and creams.
  6. Non-GMO corn starch offers improved oil and moisture absorbency when compared to talc in skin lotion formulations (below 3%).  In addition, since starch “rolls” as it moves over the skin, there is a perceivably better skin smoothness using cornstarch over talc.
  7. Non-GMO corn starch is compatible with a wide variety of personal care ingredients. Depending on the application, the level of cornstarch added can range from 1–99%. In lotions, 0.5–3% corn starch is incorporated to reduce tack and oiliness, whereas the starch is formulated up to 30% in cream to powder formulations and up to 99% in topical body powders.
  8. Non-GMO corn starch functions the same as any other corn starch but is not labeled the same as organic corn starch. Organic corn starch must follow the rules of the USDA to be labeled as organic, and in following these rules, organic cornstarch cannot be genetically modified. It’s easy to see why this would be confusing!
  9. The chemical characteristics of Essential’s non-GMO corn starch are: moisture: 13.0% max, protein: 0.4% max in dry substance, ash (550oC): approx 0.2% in dry substance, pH Value: 4.5 – 5.5 which is perfect for direct application to the skin!

We hope you enjoy using non-GMO corn starch in your own formulations!



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