No Rinse Hand Cleanser – t’is the Sneezin!

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With the changing of the seasons to cooler temperatures, it’s time to be aware of germs and keeping hands clean so we keep our bodies healthy. If you ask my kids, they would tell you my favorite sentence is “Did you wash your hands?” I’m sure I’m not the only parent who asks this question, but my kids have practically eye rolled themselves into a different dimension with my constant reminding. While keeping hands clean is the easiest way to keep germs away, it’s not always convenient to wash your hands with soap and water. This is why hand sanitizer is such big business. Hand sanitizer kills germs without needing soap and water, but these products have come under scrutiny lately and usually contain a lot of synthetic chemicals and ingredients you may not want on your hands at all. The solution: no-rinse hand cleansers!

Essential Wholesale has made a no-rinse hand cleanser for years, however, because we don’t want to be labeled as your run of the mill hand sanitizer, we call this product Hand Aloe Gel. It’s a simple, soap-free, leave-on hand cleanser that features soothing organic aloe and the super cleansing power of alcohol and tea tree oil in a fast-absorbing, never sticky, lightly moisturizing, cool gel sensation. Thanks to lovely lime essential oil, which helps to balance out all the other players it smells fresh and clean. It’s just great for all hands looking to keep it clean when water is scarce and it’s perfect for travel kits, make-up bags, hiking, and camping.

There are other options too! All of the following beverage inspired gels can be used as no-rinse hand cleansers. These may smell and look good enough to drink, but please don’t drink it! Use on your hands and body only please.

Marionberry Martini Aloe Gel – 

Formulated with organic aloe leaf juice, jojoba seed oil, and plant & flower extracts to impart a delicate scent reminiscent of a Marionberry martini. A nod to one of Portland’s most famous craft cocktails! If you didn’t know, the Marionberry was created (and has a serious following) here in Oregon! The best part, all of the fun color and scent come from plant and flower sources like holy basil, turmeric, and eggplant so no synthetic chemicals.

Moscow Mule Aloe Gel – 

Formulated with organic aloe leaf juice and ginger root extract impart a delicate hint of ginger. Ginger root extract boasts powerful anti-oxidant properties for skin so you can feel good about using this as a no-rinse hand cleanser!

Shirley Temple Aloe Gel – 

Formulated with organic aloe leaf juice, and extracts of eggplant, holy basil, red seaweed and lemon and lime essential oils come together to create this remarkably sweet and light no-rinse hand cleanser. Red seaweed is loaded with antioxidants and is a key ingredient in many K beauty products.

Passionfruit Daiquiri Aloe Gel – 

Formulated with organic aloe leaf juice, sweet orange peel, and coriander seed this no-rinse cleanser imparts a delicate scent reminiscent of a passion fruit daiquiri on the skin. Sweet orange peel and coriander seed oil pack this gel with a vitamin C punch!

USDA Certified Organi Aloe Gel – 

Finding an organic no rinse hand cleanser can be a challenge.  This simple, four ingredient gel is the perfect solution! Formulated with Organic Aloe leaf juice, xanthan gum, organic glycerin, and organic grain alcohol you can have the convienience of a no-rinse hand cleanser with just the basics!

So say goodbye to your stale old hand sanitizer and give these no-rinse hand cleansers a try and let us know what you think about sanitizer vs. no-rinse hand cleansers.

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