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At Essential Wholesale & Labs we pride ourselves on being as green as we can be. The large volume of packaging we use presents a real challenge to our goals as a green company. We have been on the hunt for the best way to package product and still take care of the environment.


One promising alternative we are exploring is using spouted pouches, also known as spouted stand pouches or spouted stand bags, instead of rigid HDPE gallon containers. Spouted pouches are made from multiple layers of highly engineered barrier film that are laminated together along with a pour-and-fill spout and attached cap. The layers of laminated film form a barrier that protects the products from oxygen, moisture, light, and general contamination. They are FDA approved and food grade material, and use water based non leaching inks and contain no contaminants.


Using spouted pouches instead of rigid HDPE gallon containers is a huge help for the environment. Spouted pouches use less material, are reusable and fully recyclable. They can be ground up and used as fillers for other plastic packaging so therefore are recyclable and reusable. They are landfill friendly reducing the amount of plastic being thrown into landfills. Not only will using these bags help us reduce the amount of plastics used, but it will also reduce the need for packing peanuts. As you know, we’ve tried recyclable and biodegradable peanuts to no avail. Without the need to use peanuts, you also will have less of the static mess of peanuts to contend with. More product can be fit into one box as the bags will take up less space and again, there will be no need for as many peanuts to make the product jostle free. This also means that our shipping prices can come down as we will ship fewer boxes per order out. There is also the possibility we might be able to use more USPS flat rate boxes, generally costing less than UPS as required by our current packaging. Wouldn’t that be amazing?


Using spouted pouches may also allow for a more efficient use of space in our storage facilities permitting us to keep a larger volume of shipping-ready product on the shelves. Using spouted pouches will also allow you to have more space and you won’t need to necessarily pack off all the product in one go into your containers as you will be able to store the product without air in it! Currently you have no option to remove the air in the HDPE rigid containers we use, but with the bags you can simply flatten the bag where product no longer exists, causing most air to move out of bag. While we do still recommend you pack it off, this will help those of you who can’t. Another fantastic point is the when you receive the product you can massage the bag to make sure the product is mixed nicely before opening. This is especially useful during the summer months when product tends to melt and separate. Oh, did I also mention that you can hang the bag upside down, or keep it standing up right and still use a pump. Upside down is nice for those of you who manually fill all your containers.


So with all of that said, let me review what we see as pros to this new packaging which is why we would like your input:


  • Less air in container therefore less oxidization
  • Far less annoying static packing peanuts needed
  • Fewer boxes used per shipment
  • Shipping will be less due to less boxes and may allow some orders to be shipped using USPS flat rate boxes
  • Landfill friendly and recyclable
  • Food grade packaging and FDA approved
  • Malleable
  • Can be hung upside down or stand up right.


Generally this kind of packaging costs less per container as well but it does required special filling equipment that is costly so overall it will likely be a wash.  Should we decide to offer this, it won’t happen overnight but as always we look to our customers for your feedback prior to making a decision.


Please send us your feedback and let us know what you think about spouted pouches as an alternative to rigid HDPE gallon containers.


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