March is National Craft Month: Here’s what you need to get started

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National Craft Month couldn’t fall at a better time of year for us Portlanders. We’re just beginning to feel spring emerge in the form of longer, warmer days, but we know that we’re still in for several more weeks of rain before the weather finally breaks. Undertaking a new craft project is the perfect distraction to see us through winter’s final stretch.

Has winter weather got you feeling similarly stir-crazy? Looking to undertake a craft project of your own? Below, you’ll find a few resources to get you started:

First, find your creative spark

Inspired to create but lacking ideas or creativity? Try this playlist of TED talks on the topic of “the creative spark.” TED (Technology, Entertainment, Design) is a non-profit media organization which posts talks online for free distribution, under the slogan “ideas worth spreading.” In this particular curation of talks, thought leaders in fashion, art, photography and writing discuss why humans create, skills and habits to cultivate as a creative thinker, and how to get started creating.

Listened to the TED talks but hoping to hear from other “makers”? Try these 5 maker podcasts (compiled by Make Zine).

Next, find your recipe:

To find an easy DIY recipe for skin, body or hair care products, look no further than Essential Wholesale’s blog or Pinterest page.
To find recipes on our blog, click on “Learning Library” and then, “Recipes and Formulas.” We promise you’ll find something interesting–we’re adding new recipes each week! An added bonus to using an Essential recipe is that you can always contact us if you run into any problems with your formulation or have questions about the products or ingredients.

Gather your materials:

If you’re crafting cosmetics small-scale, you can likely find many of the necessary crafting materials at your local craft store or in your kitchen. If you’re buying bulk ingredients and hoping to craft for a wider audience, you may need to buy a larger quantity of supplies.

Here are some vendors we recommend:

For bottles, we like Container and Packaging or Specialty Bottle

Boxes: Box Coop : for custom retail packaging

Labels: Avery Labels: Avery Labels really is a time and money saver! Their templates are free and easy-to-use and they offer fast delivery.

Make it your business:

For those who identify with the title of “Maker” and want to turn their crafts into cash, check out this article from Entrepreneur Magazine: Starting an Arts & Crafts Business. It’s full of helpful tips like, Ten Steps to Startup, and lists books, magazines and industry associations to help guide you.

What resources do you use to find recipes, ingredients, or crafting tips? Share it with us in the comments!

Happy Crafting!

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