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How to Make DIY Glycerin Extracts for Skin Care Formulations

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Extracts are an amazing way to add color to your lotions, creams, washes, and soaps. You can get some amazing colors from the spices in your kitchen and Vegetable Glycerin is a great way to extract color, and you get all of the amazing benefits of glycerin! Think moisturized, soft, supple skin.

Follow along as Teeneke makes some simple extracts, with instructions below the video:

Difficulty Level: Beginner
Approximate yield: 1 Pound

Equipment You’ll Need

• Mixing bowl
• Sealable glass container – mason jars work great
• Strainer
• Coffee Filters


• 1 Lb – Vegetable Glycerin
• 1 Tbsp – Turmeric OR Paprika, OR you can use saffron – you don’t need a whole tablespoon of saffron, just a few sprigs will color a whole pound of glycerin

No need for preservatives, glycerin in this amount will not allow for mold, bacteria, yeast or any other unwanted organisms.


• Heat the glycerin to 110F and mix in the spice of your choice
• Keep in a warm place, ideally at 110F but room temperature will still yield a beautiful color
• Let sit for 2 – 30 days. If you can keep it at a higher temp, the color will be extracted faster.
• Strain by placing a coffee filter in a strainer with a container underneath. You may need to strain twice to remove any sediment.
• Add to your skincare recipe in place of Vegetable Glycerin.

Please note that this recipe has not been challenge tested for preservation efficacy. If you use this recipe for market sales, it is up to you to ensure the safety of the product. We strongly recommend 3rd party challenge testing.

If you need additional help, please contact us at or 866-252-9639.

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Alice Gamewell
2 months ago

That was an excellent video. I did not know you could make an extraction with glycerin. Cannot wait to try.