Introducing: Zen Dragon Bath Soak!

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Dragon fruit, or Hylocereus undatus

Dragon fruit (Hylocereus undatus) is a tropical fruit you probably know by its cactus-like, spiky outer shell and brilliant red or white flesh. Though widely cultivated in East and Southeast Asia, dragon fruit is actually native to Central and South America where it is either known as pitahaya or pitaya roja. 

At one time considered “exotic” to U.S. consumers, the now ubiquitous fruit can be found in specialty markets and grocery stores nationwide.


Zen Dragon Bath Soak

In freeze-dried, powder from, dragon fruit is a luxurious addition to natural skincare formulations due to its gorgeous, reddish-pink hue and vitamin E and antioxidant properties. We love the fact that the fruit powder appears light pink to the eye, but activates in bath water to create a deep pink foamy soak reminiscent of strawberry milk.

Zen Dragon bath soak

In fact, we loved the look and feel of the dragon fruit powder so much we decided to make it a super star ingredient in our new Zen Dragon Bath Soak! Featuring pink Himalayan sea salt, dragon fruit powder, and MSM, this delightfully dreamy and soothing soak will prove to be your new favorite way to wind down and find stillness.  And, no- the deep pink color won’t stain your skin or your bath tub, so you can relax as you bliss out!


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