In Good Standing… Organic Update!

Written by: | June 20, 2012 | Leave a Comment

We’re into our third full week at our new location in northwest Portland and things are going great. It has been a long haul and much hard work but this building feels more like home each day.

Some of you may recall that we were anticipating the move to result in an interruption in our standing as a certified organic facility. Fortunately, this has not been the case and we have received an extension while we settle into the new facility. We anticipate being able to make an updated certificate available in the next several weeks. In compliance with USDA NOP regulations 205.404(c), our certification remains effective under surrendered, suspended or revoked.

In the meanwhile, we are observing all NOP protocols of storage, manufacture and record keeping to insure the integrity of organic ingredients. Our organic ingredients such as Lavender Essential Oil, Orange Essential Oil, shea butter, coconut RBD, coconut virgin, vegetable glycerin, aloe vera oil, aloe butter, hemp seed oil, extra virgin olive oil, palm oil RBD, soy bean oil, sunflower oil, etc. all remain legally certified, and our organic certification and letter of good standing is on file to any who request it.

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