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How to Quickly Start Selling Skin Care: 2019 Gift & Shopping Guide

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Now that the holiday season is in full swing, we’ve put together our 2019 seasonal shopping guide to provide a little inspiration. Below you’ll find ideas for instant gifts (think Ready to Label) and ideas for how to make simple skin care recipes to carry you through the busy shopping period. This guide doubles as a way to quickly start selling your own skin care brand, too!

There are two simple approaches: create or alter a new product, or simply add labels to any product in the Ready to Label (RTL) line. Whether you’re looking for gift ideas or expanding your own brand, we have easy solutions.

Ready to Label

Gift Ideas: Ready to Label (RTL) was originally designed to make gift giving easier, but it’s evolved into a whole range of products that make entering the market easy as well. RTL offers excellent stocking stuffers, thank you gifts, party favors, and much more. Check out our ever-evolving Ready to Label Pairing Guide for ideas on how to combine products.

Next week we launch 6 new products in the RTL collection, so you’ll be able to combine Muscle Gel with the Arctic Blue Cooling Gel in retail sizes! Keep an eye out for an expanded Rose-themed set too. In the meantime, these products are available in bulk sizes for you to pour off into your own packaging.

Selling Ideas: RTL is a great way to add a new product. All you need to do is label the individual items, choose a price, and get selling! We recommend RTL for selling at markets, seasonal gatherings, pop-up shops, local fairs, and online in your own store hosted via or other platforms. There are many possibilities and we’d love to hear what works best for you.

For this week all Ready to Label items are 5% off for one week with code NOVRTL19 at checkout!

Easy Ways to Start Selling Your Own Skin Care

Essential is set up for you to create your own skin care, and we offer dozens of free recipes and how-to videos to help you create your own skin and hair care products. Check out our videos here, and in the meantime we have a few suggestions on the easiest types of products to create and sell on a deadline.

Add Your Own Scent to a Product

One of the easiest ways to customize a stock product is to add your favorite essential oil, fragrance oil, or essential oil blend. Check out our easy scenting guide to figure out how much oil can go into the lotion, cream, or other product of your choice. Here’s your chance to get creative but as with all crafting, we recommend you experiment and record your steps!

It’s worth checking out this blog from our certified aromatherapist to give you tips for blends and single-note scents that are perfect for winter.

Add CBD Oil to Your Skin Care

Although Essential does not currently work with CBD, we know many customers love adding their own CBD oil to lotions, creams, serums, oil blends, and more. We cannot advise on the specific percentages of the oil to add, so again, you’ll have to test. We’ve created a category of “CBD Ready” skin care products that are ideal to add the oil to, and we encourage you to experiment and have fun! Muscle Gel and Arctic Blue Cooling Gel are particularly popular choices for those tired muscles.

Create an Oil Blend to Function as a Moisturizer and Facial Serum

Oil blends are some of the easiest products to make since no emulsion is required and preservation needs are limited. You’ll notice many of our recipe videos use just a touch of Vitamin E Oil to preserve most oil blends. Other than that, let loose and have fun. Most carrier oils are wonderful alone or mixed with others, and currently all carrier oils are also 5% off for one week with code CARRIERO19 at checkout. Get started with the Carrier Oil Guide. If you’d like a head start we have DIY kits with all the ingredients (and a little spare) to create some of the recipes we’ve assembled.

And finally, if you can’t decide, here are some of our bestselling products from this week to get you going:

Popular choices for this season are based on foods, and we detail how you could use Pumpkin, Cranberry, Pomegranate and more in this quick article.

Let us know how you choose to pair products this season, or what you’d like to see more of in Ready to Label and beyond.

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1 year ago

Is there a way to add a scent to muscle gel, or would original aroma stemming from menthol ingredient overpower essential oils added?

Paula Eddy Brower
1 year ago

This all sounds so fantastic. I’m excited to start making my own products. I was struggling with how to start. But you have given me a sense of direction!
Thank you.