[Video] How to Use and Market Our Stock Skin Care Products

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Do you want to market and sell our stock skin care products?

In this video, Lauren shows you different ways you can use and market the stock products we sell here at Essential Wholesale & Labs.

You’ll learn some not-so-conventional ways of how to use:

Check out the video and its transcript below!

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Video Transcript:

Intro (00:04): Today on Making Skin Care we are going to be talking about some of our stock products. These are bases that we sell, and we are going to get into a few creative and unique ways that you can use and market these products.

Vital Skin Face & Body Cleanser (00:30): Let’s get started with our Vital Skin Face & Body Cleanser. This product is really dark because it contains activated charcoal powder. Activated charcoal is a great ingredient. It makes this wash a fantastic face and body wash, but a less obvious use for this product is an after-swim shampoo for the hair.

For those swimmers, gym-goers, people who love being in the pool during the summer, people whose hair has been exposed to chlorine for even a short period of time, this could make a really great after-swim hair shampoo to help cleanse the hair after it’s been exposed to chlorine. That’s our Vital Skin Face & Body Cleanser and it works really great as an after-swim shampoo.

Natural Micellar Water (01:20): Next we have our Natural Micellar Water. Micellar waters are often used just as a quick cleanse for the face. We have this in multiple scents.

I use this product as a makeup remover. It’s not as strong as the makeup remover wipes that you may be used to, and it certainly isn’t going to cleanse and remove a heavy, heavy full glam makeup. But if you’re a light makeup wearer or your customers are light makeup wearers using a cotton pad and just a little bit of Micellar Water is a great way to remove makeup gently and effectively.

Toners (02:04): Next we have some great products that are not meant for hair but can be used for hair. These are two of our toners – our Vitamin C Facial Toner and our Rosewater Toner. These are just two of my favorite toners, and you can use any toner for the following applications.

When we cleanse our skin, we’re often adding a lot of alkaline to it. It’s raising the pH above seven. You’re probably used to feeling that dry, tight feeling after you clean your skin. That is because a lot of cleansers strip our skin of the natural acids that it needs. This is why we have toners in our skincare regimen.

After we cleanse, we use a toner to bring that pH level back down below seven. We tend to keep our toners in a good range between 4.5 and 5.5, which is ideal for skin. And it’s actually also really ideal for your hair. Shampoos dry and altar the pH of your hair, and pH-balanced shampoos are not that common. So by using a toner on your hair the same way you would after you cleanse your face, you can balance out the pH of your hair.

This is even more valuable for people with curly hair. If you have curly hair, your cuticles are more open than those with straight hair. This prevents your natural acidic sebum from flowing through the cuticle. So for curly hair people, this is a really important step to add to your routine to help keep that hair and scalp nicely balanced.

I like to use it after I’ve shampooed and just give my hair towel dry. I’ll use this and it actually causes me to use less conditioner. I don’t need as much conditioner because I’ve already pH-balanced my hair. And I often only put conditioner on the ends of my hair. Apply the toner from root to end after you’ve towel dried, give it a quick comb and then apply your conditioner, leave on for three minutes and wash, and you will love the results.

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Walnut Body Polish (04:38):Our Walnut Body Polish makes a fantastic pre-shampoo scalp exfoliator. You’re probably familiar with exfoliating your face and body to help remove dead skin cells. If you haven’t heard of exfoliating the scalp, it’s the same as anything. We get a lot of dead skin in there. When we shampoo, it is cleansing but it is certainly not always exfoliating.

I exfoliate my scalp once a month. It’s a time-consuming process especially if you have really thick hair like I do. But it’s very, very worth it if you want to really cleanse that scalp, get rid of dead skin cells, and prepare the scalp to receive conditioners, hair masks, and other products. Our Walnut Body Polish is just a nice scrub. We use it all over our body (including the scalp). You can use it up to twice a month, but I wouldn’t recommend exfoliating your scalp with it more than twice a month. It’s definitely not something you need to do on a regular or weekly basis.

Just put it in like you would a shampoo. Don’t go too rough, just fingers under, and gently scrub back and forth with your finger tips. Then take a thin and narrow comb and just comb out the little beads / shells. It might take some time to get it out, but I promise that you will love, love, love the results.

Beard Conditioner (06:52): So another one of our products that I find really great for my hair is Beard Conditioner. This conditioner is absolutely fantastic. It’s meant to condition the really coarse hairs on a beard, but this actually makes an incredible hair mask.

I like to use my hair masks before I get in the shower. I just dampen my hair lightly with my spray bottle, and apply the hair mask before I even get in the shower. I’ll leave it on for 10 to 15 minutes, and then I get in the shower and shampoo and do my normal shower routine as usual. This beard conditioner makes a fantastic hair mask. You can also use it as just a normal conditioner in the shower. It also makes a great leave-in conditioner as long as you use a really small amount on your damp hair. So again, a lot of really great uses for this beard conditioner.

Soothing Diaper Balm (08:00):And lastly, we have our Soothing Diaper Balm. This was formulated as a soothing diaper balm, it works fantastic as a diaper balm, but I use it on my elbows and knees. I find that this doesn’t absorb really quickly into the skin. It’s meant to be there and last a little bit longer to help protect against chafing and keep the skin moisturized. It also smells really good.

And recently, I had a fun discovery about this product, that it makes a pretty good eye shadow primer. I had run out of eye shadow primer and I had this lying around in my bathroom. I use a lot of makeup and obviously, I work here at Essential Wholesale & Labs, so I’m pretty familiar with the viscosity of things. So I thought to myself, “this might work”. So I gave it a test. It’s not like a normal cream. It’s not just going to immediately absorb into my skin. You’ll see as I go around and around and around, it’s still there. It’s still working. And it’s tacky, but it will dry down a little bit.

So the same way that you’d use any eye shadow primer, you can put this right on the eye after you’ve moisturized and gotten yourself prepped for your makeup. And put it on just a little bit, give it a light rub and then tap down. And I like to give it just about one minute or so before I actually apply the eye shadow. After that you can go in with your eye shadow, and the application is fantastic. It works really well for shimmery eye shadows and things with glitter. You’re gonna get a little bit more pigment out of them, they’re gonna stick, they’re gonna stay. It smells amazing and it’s very moisturizing.

Outro (09:44): So those are all of these products and I hope you guys had some good ideas of how to use them. I hope that it excited you as much as it does me. I think my favorites, if I recommend anything, it’s using toners on your hair. Remembering that after you cleanse your hair, that pH needs to be restored all the same as your skin. So if you guys liked this video, please hit that “Like” button, and subscribe to our channel so you don’t miss out on other videos in the future.

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