How to Make an Extreme Protein Natural Hair Mask

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Finding the right hair mask for your natural curls can be a challenge. Bentonite clay and apple cider vinegar are a great combination for curl definition and they help boost shine! We’ve taken this proven recipe and added hydrolyzed quinoa protein to help curls retain their bounce. It’s best to follow this mask with a good occlusive, leave-in product to protect the hair from frizz and swelling in high humidity. Jojoba Spray Lotion and Leave-in Detangler Spray are excellent light-weight choices.

Here Teeneke walks us through this easy recipe, and be sure to check out written instructions and links below!

Equipment You’ll Need

• Mixing bowl – glass is best
• Measuring cups – no metal
• Measuring spoons – no metal
• Wood or plastic mixing spoon


• 1 Cup Bentonite clay
• 1 Cup Apple cider vinegar
• 1 Cup Fresh brewed tea of your choice (try peppermint or chamomile tea)
• 1 Tbsp Hydrolyzed quinoa protein    —    If you’d like to learn more about quinoa and hair, check out this blog.


Preservative options

• 1/3 Cup Preservative blend 
• 1/4 Cup Tetrasodium glutamate diacetate


1. Be sure to avoid using any metal utensils or bowls in making this recipe as they can react with the clay.
2. Add the clay, vinegar, tea, and sodium PCA to your glass mixing bowl and mix well. You can add more water, tea, or vinegar to reach the consistency you prefer.
3. If you are not using this immediately, you must preserve this to keep any unwanted growth of bacteria, mold or fungus from occurring.
4. Work the mask throughout your hair, be sure to avoid putting it directly on the scalp. It’s best to apply to hair starting about ½ inch from scalp.
5. Rinse hair thoroughly and once dry, apply a good occlusive product to help keep your curls soft and prevent frizz. Look for leave in products that contain ingredients such as dimethicone or waxes. Some oils have occlusive properties as well such as coconut oil or castor oil. Leave-in Detangler Spray and Jojoba Spray Lotion are recommended.

Please note that this recipe is intended for immediate use. As always, if a skincare product includes even a trace amount of water, it must be sufficiently preserved by some method. All unpreserved water/juice/hydrosol containing cosmetics will not maintain a shelf life longer than a few days.

The preservative system recommended has not been challenge tested for preservation efficacy testing. If you use this recipe for market sales, it is up to you to ensure the safety of the product.

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