5% niacinamide & cucumber facial toner

How to Make a 5% Niacinamide & Cucumber Toner

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Today’s recipe: A powerful and soothing 5% Niacinamide & Cucumber Facial Toner

Niacinamide, also known as Vitamin B3, is a powerful and popular ingredient in skin care that can work wonders. It’s a versatile ingredient that’s relatively easy to work with while providing unique benefits in terms of helping create a stable, healthy-looking, youthful glow.

Here are some of the main benefits:

  • Strong antioxidant
  • Contributes to a healthy overall look of the skin – great in urban or polluted environments to help skin remain happy
  • Reduces the appearance of pores
  • Increases hydration – If you have dry skin consider combining niacinamide with glycerin and carrier oils
  • Balancing and brightening – helps skin stay balanced in appearance
  • Soothing unhappy skin – suitable for oily and teenage skin

Given that niacinamide is water soluble, adding it to toners is an easy way to deliver all the benefits to skin before then applying oil-based serums or moisturizers. Here we have a quick recipe to add niacinamide to our Cucumber Facial Toner, though any of our toners would be a great fit!

Difficulty level: Beginner

Approximate yield: 1 Pound (approximately 8 x 2oz toners)

Equipment Needed

  • Heat-proof mixing bowl or beaker
  • Scale
  • Spoon, whisk, or blender
  • Hot plate

Ingredients for the 5% Niacinamide & Cucumber Toner

Cucumber Facial Toner (or another of your choice)       16 oz / 1 lb

Niacinamide Powder (vitamin B3)                          0.05 lb / 22.7 g

Phenoxyethanol                                             0.0035 lbs / 1.58 g

(We are adding a tiny bit more of phenoxyethanol even though the toner is already preserved with it because we have added ingredients and need to keep the new volume of product preserved)

Cucumber facial toner     niacinamide powder for skin care formulations     phenoxyethanol skin care product preservative how to use

From left to right: Cucumber Facial Toner, Niacinamide, and Phenoxyethanol


  1. Pour your Cucumber Facial Toner into your bowl or beaker
  2. Place the bowl on a hot plate and heat to ~110°F (~43°C)
  3. Once warm, pour in the niacinamide. Mix with a spoon, whisk, or blender until the niacinamide is dissolved in the solution
  4. Turn off the heat and add phenoxyethanol, stirring to mix it thoroughly
  5. Pour off your 5% Niacinamide Cucumber Facial Toner into sprayers or disc cap bottles

Mixing in the phenoxyethanol

Please note that this recipe has not been challenge tested for preservation efficacy. If you use this recipe for market sales, it is up to you to ensure the safety of the product.


We hope you enjoy your new toner, and have fun experimenting with other toners and giving them a niacinamide boost!

If you’d like to add vitamin C to a toner, check out this video where Teeneke shows you how.


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