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Fixing your DIY Gels, Shampoos & Washes

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Do you need to fix your gel or wash? Adding too much essential oil or extract to your Gel or Shampoo & Body Wash can break the gel consistency turning your once thick and luscious wash into a runny liquid. It is possible to recover the gel consistency with the following method, however, it is not guaranteed. This method is a last resort to fix a liquefied gel, so if this doesn’t work, it may be time to start over. This is another reason why we always recommend experimenting with smaller amounts and recording exactly how much oil you’re adding to a product.

Follow along with Teeneke in the video or jump below for directions and ingredients.

Equipment You’ll Need

• Mixing bowl
• Whisk


Coco Betaine
Fine Atlantic Sea Salt

Directions to Fix Your Gel or Wash

• The first step to fixing your liquefied wash is to measure the amount of wash you need to fix. Use either weight or volume, but don’t mix the two. If you need some help on the difference, check out our blog on volume vs weight in formulations.
• Calculate 25% of the amount of wash you need to fix. This is the amount of Coco Betaine you will need to add to your wash.
• Calculate 6% of the amount of wash you need to fix. This is the amount of Fine Atlantic Sea Salt you will need to add to your wash.
• Place your liquefied wash into a mixing bowl large enough to add the Coco Betaine and Fine Atlantic Sea Salt without overflowing.
• In a separate bowl, mix together 25% Coco Betaine and 6% Fine Atlantic Sea Salt. The salt will not dissolve and the Coco Betaine will get a little sudsy, however, this does seem to prevent salt crystals from forming in the gel.
• Add the Coco Betaine and Salt mixture to your wash while vigorously mixing with your whisk. Your wash may turn cloudy and a bit sudsy, but this is due to air being mixed into your product and will subside after the mixture rests for approximately 24 hours..
• You should notice the liquid starting to turn to gel almost immediately, however, it can take up to 24 hours to fully gel.
• If after the 24 hour period has passed, you your project did gel but you want it to be thicker, you can add more Coco Betaine 1 Tablespoon at a time while constantly mixing until you reach your desired consistency. If this does not work, you may have to scrap your project and start over.

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2 months ago

Very nice tip! May not work with certain surfactants but certainly worth trying!