How to fill difficult cosmetic products

How To Fill Difficult Cosmetic Products by Hand

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Filling your own cosmetic products can be challenging when working with difficult products like butters or scrubs.

Without the proper technique you end up making a mess and creating a lot of extra work for yourself.

When done correctly, hand-filling your own cosmetic products can be quick and painless.

In this guide you’ll learn how to easily fill your own cosmetic products by hand, and end up with clean and attractive products that make a great first impression on new customers.

Watch the video and be sure to check out the transcript below.

(NOTE: Before you order your packaging, make sure you choose the right material for your product.)


Watch The Step By Step Video For How to Fill Cosmetic Packaging With Difficult Products

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Video Transcript:


Intro (00:10):

Hi, welcome to Essential Wholesale & Labs Kitchen Chemistry. I’m Teeneke and today we have a special guest star, Kathy, who is our filling supervisor at Essential Wholesale & Labs. Kathy is going to show us how to fill various products that are kind of hard to fill. So Kathy, I’ll let you take it away.



Filling containers with a sugar scrub (00:30):

To begin with, we will be filling the Lavender Shortbread Cookie Scrub. Today we will be doing a cosmetic fill. But if you need it filled by weight, you will need a scale. This works well by just filling with a spoon.

With a cosmetic fill, you’re just going to fill to the line right below the threading. Go ahead and clean the rim. If you get any product around the rim, you could smooth it out with your spoon and make it look all nice and pretty for your customers. And there you have it.

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Filling containers with shea butter (01:17):

Next I will be showing you how to hand fill Shea Butter Cream. There are two different ways that you can do this, and I will show you both ways. So first way is you can take a spoon, just a regular old kitchen spoon, and simply spoon it into your jar. Don’t worry about if you get cream on the edge; you can fix that at the end.

So fill it until it is pretty full. And then give it a tap, take the spoon and make it pretty for your customers, smooth it on the top of the cream, so it looks nice and smooth. And then you will take your paper towel and just run it all the way around the edges to get all of that cream off that might have gotten on the edge. And there you have it, filled with a spoon.

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Another way that you can fill this is with a Ziploc bag or a piping bag, whichever you might have. Just take some cream, put it into the bag, push it into the corner, and then you’ll need scissors to cut a corner off. And then go ahead and just pipe it right into your jar. You will also need to tap it down and then just keep filling until it’s cosmetically filled, like so.



Filling containers with a melt & pour product (03:16):

Next we will be working with Melt & Pour lip balm and I will show you how to pour it. The first thing that you want to do is melt your product. I suggest using a low temperature and stirring it while it’s melting. You can also melt your product in a microwave-safe bowl and melt it that way or use a double boiler. Make sure that you are constantly stirring your product, so it doesn’t burn and crystallize.

Then go ahead and just take your pitcher and gently & slowly pour right to the line of the lip balm tube. And don’t worry about it if you make a mess on the tube you can easily wipe it off.

So there you have it. Now all you need to do is let your product cool and you can cap it.

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