Holiday Spice Essential Oil Blend

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Autumn is that beautiful time of the year when leaves start to fall and signal that the holidays are just around the corner! We’re all starting to crave cozy evenings by the fireplace, snowy days spent baking (or making skin and body care products) and sipping hot apple cider (or mulled wine). It’s a special time of year; filled with delights for every one of our senses! All of the rich and intoxicating aromas that remind us of this special time are captured in the new Holiday Spice Essential Oil Blend from Essential Wholesale!

Holiday Spice Essential Oil Blend

Balanced and energizing! Cassia and allspice lend their warmth to this holiday aroma while vanilla and pear add sophistication and delicacy. Peru balsam is a perfect base note while sweet orange gives just the right amount of…well…sweetness! This is an excellent blend for adding a seasonal scent to your lotion or creme–or try adding a little spice to your shampoo and conditioner! It’s even great for use in your diffuser to fill your space with holiday cheer.

Holiday Spice Essential Oil Recipes

Diffuser Blend

Add 3 parts propanediol to 1 part Holiday Spice Essential Oil Blend and diffuse for an instant holiday aroma. The propanediol is optional, but it will help the fragrance last longer in your diffuser and the best part is that propanediol is a natural, biodegradable, and safe alternative to propylene glycol.

Holiday Spice Lotion

2 cups Hemp Lotion
1/4 Tsp Holiday Spice Essential Oil Blend
Mix together in a mixing bowl and pour into your favorite bottle or jar.
While cassia may cause skin irritation for those who are sensitive, this blend only has a small percentage of cassia. The Holiday Spice Blend, used in this recipe at 0.25% did not cause any irritation for our volunteer (human) test subjects. In fact, our test subjects all came back and asked for more!

Holiday Spice Shampoo and Conditioner

2 cups of your favorite Essential Hair & Body Wash or Essential Conditioner
1/2 Tsp Holiday Spice Essential Oil Blend

Mix the Holiday Spice Essential Oil Blend with your wash or conditioner and enjoy! We like a little more spice in our hair and body washes & conditioners, so we opted to scent at 0.50%. Feel free to add more or add less depending on your preference. You could also pour these into bottles for holiday gifts or to use as hand soap for a holiday spice hand wash.

We hope you enjoy the Holiday Spice Essential Oil Blend, we sure had fun formulating and testing. Our entire lab and office has been filled with holiday cheer!


Let us know how you like this blend and please share any fun recipes in the comments.

Happy Holidays!


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