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The holidays are often a stressful time of year with family, travel, gift giving, and party planning. We wanted to find just one thing that could do double or triple duty for the usual party gift and take care of stocking stuffers, hostess gifts, and also party favors for our New Year’s Eve bash. At Essential we’ve landed on the fun (and just a little flirty) Mocktail Aloe moisturizer and hand cleanser collection for any party gift. Below we give 6 ideas on how to give these gels this holiday party season.


What they are

We chose four of the most popular cocktails as our inspiration and combined some with delicious fruity scents. The colorful range now includes the pink and pretty Shirley Temple, the purple and delicious Marionberry Martini, the yellow ginger burst of the Moscow Mule, and my favorite, the iced white fruity punch of the Passionfruit Daiquiri.

What to use them for

These aloe gels have a lot of uses. That aloe base serves as a soothing and cooling source of hydration for skin. It is, of course, most famous for helping soothe sunburns, but your skin will love it any time of year. The gels slide on smoothly to skin and are quickly absorbed, and are particularly good as no-rinse hand cleansers.


Holiday Party Gift Guide – Giving a versatile and fun gift

The holidays call for a lot of party gifts, and sometimes finding an easy and affordable option that isn’t just another bottle of wine, a sweet, or unwanted tchotchke is hard. That’s why we love the Mocktail Aloes—good either as a standalone bottle or a full gift set. Here are our favorite gift ideas for all the upcoming holiday parties:

  1. These are the perfect stocking stuffers when wrapped individually, or the full pack makes a great gift.
  2. Looking for small gifts for the company holiday party that are appropriate for everyone? Look no further!
  3. These are ideal party favors for any New Year’s Eve party. Whether you’re hosting or attending, these are great-smelling party gifts are appropriate for anyone.
  4. Treating yourself or other loved ones to a weekend getaway or spa retreat? Grab a pack and dole them out.
  5. Maybe you’re heading south for a sunny holiday—these are great to soothe skin that’s been surprised by the sun, and are portable and fragrant hand cleansers. Also great if you haven’t managed to use enough SPF on the mountain and your skin needs some soothing love.
  6. Bachelorette party on the horizon? Nail the goody bags by starting with these Aloes. We’ll let you fill in the rest of the pack!


Make them personal

The Mocktail Aloes are available without labels, so you can design and apply any that you’d like! Here you can really get creative. Maybe a friend loves Martinis (or Marionberries, like many people from Oregon!) and you can slap her name on the label. Or maybe for bachelorette goodies you’ll add the name of the bride and her crew. Or maybe you’d like to put your company name on them and leave them on your coworkers’ desks with a  little note.

The possibilities are almost endless, but we know with certainty that these Mocktail Aloes are great for your holiday parties.

 mocktail aloe holiday party gift

Available in bulk sizes too

If you plan on incorporating the Mocktail Aloes into your own product line, they make great gifts even beyond this holiday season. Consider their ease for Valentine’s gifts, planning ahead for the summer, or perhaps the spring holidays like Mother’s Day or Easter.

Let us know how you plan to use them! We’d love to hear from you.


Please note that although yummy-smelling, these aloe gels are not for internal consumption.



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