Hiba Essential Oil

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The Japanese consider the Hiba or Asnaro to be a  sacred tree with precious wood, in fact, they have a saying about using Hiba wood in the construction of sacred Shinto shrines and homes: “A house made of Hiba will have no termites for years.” It’s the distinct combination of terpenes and other components that give Hiba essential oil its unique properties. Being the sole member of the genus Thujopsis dolabrata, the Hiba tree is endemic to Japan and will not grow with any other trees.

Hiba Essential Oil is thin, slightly yellow, and has a complex, smoky, wood scent slightly reminiscent of cedar, however, the low pinene content of Hiba lets its distinct aroma shine through the cedar scent. Hiba blends well with rosewood, bergamot, cypress, cassia, juniper, jasmine, neroli, clary sage, labdanum and vetiver essential oils. It also makes an excellent addition to room sprays and works well for diffusing or making incense. Hiba is also used to relax the mind and lift the spirits.

Hiba Essential Oil from Essential Wholesale & Labs is sourced from the roots of the Hiba tree, steam distilled, non-GMO, and never tested on animals. The main components are Terpinolene, 4-Terpineol, Thujopsene, alpha-Cuprenene, gamma-Cuprenene, Cuparene, Cedrol, Widdrol, Hinokitiol, beta-Dolabrine, l-Rhodinic acid, Carvacrol.


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