Conversion Guide for Ingredient Weights & Measurements

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Conversion Guides

When you are measuring your ingredients, one can either measure by weight or measure by volume. As much as possible, do not switch back and forth.

Eventually, you will have to make larger batches and will need to convert your formulas. It is best if you start all of your formulas measuring by weight. When you are ready to make larger batches you will not want to have to measure out your ingredients by the cup. Every ingredient has a different specific gravity, meaning 1 cup of feathers does not weigh the same as 1 cup of water. In the long run it is easier and more accurate to use weight for all of your measurements.


1 ounce.0625 lb28.3495231 gram.0283495 kilograms
1 lbs16 ounces453.59237 gram.453592 kilograms
1 kilogram2.2046 lbs35.2739619 ounce1000 grams
1 gram.035274 ounces.564384 lbs0.001 kilogram
1 gallon (Water)8.3453 lbs (Water)133.5248 ounces (Specific Gravity Varies)

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This is a tool to determine how much of an ingredient to add based on percentages. We have left all measurements for you to decide if you would like to round up or round down. We are aware of the fact that you cannot put in 2.4 drops, but we left it up to you to decide if you want to round down to two or round up to three drops. Also, the specific gravity of every ingredient is different. We have given you the specific gravity of water. If you need to determine a different percentage than we have given you simply multiply the percentage you want to use by the amount of product you are adding it to. For instance, to add .8% essential oil to 1 lb of product by weight the equation would be: 1 lb x .8% = .008 lbs. If you needed to determine how many ounces .008 lbs equaled, you would multiply .008 lbs by 16 ounces: .008 x 16 = .128 ounces.


.5% of 1 ounce.005 ounce2.4 drops
.5% of 1 lbs.08 ounces.005 lbs38.4 drops
.5% of 1 kilogram.005 kilograms.011 lbs.175 ounce5 grams
.5% of 1 gram.000177 ounce.0002822 lbs.000005 kilograms
.5% of 1 gallon (Water).041727 lbs (Water).667624 ounces (Specific Gravity Varies)
1% of 1 ounce.01 ounce4.8 drops
1% of 1 lbs.16 ounces.01 lbs76.8 drops
1% of 1 kilogram.01 kilograms.022 lbs.35 ounce10 grams
1% of 1 gram.000353 ounce.005644 lbs.00001 kilograms
1% of 1 gallon (Water).083453 lbs (Water)1.335248 ounces (Specific Gravity Varies)
1.5% of 1 ounce.015 ounce7.2 drops
1.5% of 1 lbs.24 ounces.015 lbs115.2 drops
1.5% of 1 kilogram.015 kilograms.033 lbs.525 ounce15 grams
1.5% of 1 gram.08363 ounce.0059262 lbs.000015 kilograms
1.5% of 1 gallon (Water).12518 lbs (Water)2.002872 ounces (Specific Gravity Varies)
2% of 1 ounce.02 ounce9.6 drops
2% of 1 lbs.32 ounces.02 lbs153.6 drops
2% of 1 kilogram.02 kilograms.044 lbs.7 ounce20 grams
2% of 1 gram.000706 ounce.011288 lbs.00002 kilograms
2% of 1 gallon (Water).166906 lbs (Water)2.670496 ounces (Specific Gravity Varies)
2.5% of 1 ounce.025 ounce12 drops
2.5% of 1 lbs.4 ounces.025 lbs192 drops
2.5% of 1 kilogram.025 kilograms.055 lbs.875 ounce25 grams
2.5% of 1 gram.000883 ounce.01411 lbs.000025 kilograms
2.5% of 1 gallon (Water).208633 lbs (Water)3.33812 ounces (Specific Gravity Varies)
3% of 1 ounce.03 ounce14.4 drops
3% of 1 lbs.48 ounces.03 lbs153.6 drops
3% of 1 kilogram.03 kilograms.066 lbs1.05 ounce30 grams
3% of 1 gram.0001059 ounce.016932 lbs.00003 kilograms
3% of 1 gallon (Water).250359 lbs (Water)4.005744 ounces (Specific Gravity Varies)


.5% of 1 teaspoon.00085 fl ounces.3 drops.025 milliliters
.5% of 1 tablespoon.0025 fl ounce.9 drops.075 milliliters
.5% of 1 fl ounce2.4 drops.14785 milliliters
.5% of 8 fl ounce.04 fl ounce19.2 drops1.1828 milliliters
.5% of 16 fl ounces.08 fl ounces38.4 drops2.3656 milliliters
.5% of 64 fl ounce or ½ gallon.32 fl ounces153.6 drops9.4624 milliliters
.5% of 128 fl ounce or 1 gallon.64 fl ounces322.2 drops18.9248 milliliters
1% of 1 teaspoon.0017 fl ounces.6 drops.05 milliliters
1% of 1 tablespoon.005 fl ounce1.8 drops.15 milliliters
1% of 1 fl ounce4.8 drops.2957 milliliters
1% of 8 fl ounce.08 fl ounce38.40 drops2.3656 milliliters
1% of 16 fl ounces.16 fl ounces76.8 drops4.7312 milliliters
1% of 64 fl ounce or ½ gallon.64 fl ounces307.2 drops18.9248 milliliters
1% of 128 fl ounce or 1 gallon1.28 fl ounces644.40 drops37.8496 milliliter
1.5% of 1 teaspoon.00255 fl ounces.9 drops.075 milliliters
1.5% of 1 tablespoon.0075 fl ounce1.35 drops.225 milliliters
1.5% of 1 fl ounce7.2 drops.44355 milliliters
1.5% of 8 fl ounce.12 fl ounce57.6 drops3.5484 milliliters
1.5% of 16 fl ounces.24 fl ounces115.2 drops7.0968 milliliters
1.5% of 64 fl ounce or ½ gallon.96 fl ounces4608 drops28.3872 milliliters
1.5% of 128 fl ounce or 1 gallon1.92 fl ounces966.6 drops56.7744 milliliters
2% of 1 teaspoon.0034 fl ounces1.2 drops.1 milliliters
2% of 1 tablespoon.01 fl ounce3.6 drops.3 milliliters
2% of 1 fl ounce9.6 drops.5914 milliliters
2% of 8 fl ounce.16 fl ounce76.8 drops4.7312 milliliters
2% of 16 fl ounces.32 fl ounces153.6 drops9.4624 milliliters
2% of 64 fl ounce or ½ gallon1.28 fl ounces614.4 drops37.8496 milliliters
2% of 128 fl ounce or 1 gallon2.56 fl ounces1288.8 drops75.6992 milliliters
2.5% of 1 teaspoon.00425 fl ounces1.5 drops.125 milliliters
2.5% of 1 tablespoon.0125 fl ounce4.5 drops.375 milliliters
2.5% of 1 fl ounce12 drops.73925 milliliters
2.5% of 8 fl ounce.2 fl ounce96 drops5.914 milliliters
2.5% of 16 fl ounces.4 fl ounces192 drops11.828 milliliters
2.5% of 64 fl ounce or ½ gallon1.6 fl ounces768 drops47.312 milliliters
2.5% of 128 fl ounce or 1 gallon3.2 fl ounces1661 drops94.624 liters
3% of 1 teaspoon.0051 fl ounces1.8 drops.15 milliliters
3% of 1 tablespoon.015 fl ounce5.4 drops.45 milliliters
3% of 1 fl ounce14.4 drops.8871 milliliters
3% of 8 fl ounce.24 fl ounce115.2 drops7.0968 milliliters
3% of 16 fl ounces.48 fl ounces230.4 drops14.19636 milliliters
3% of 64 fl ounce or ½ gallon1.92 fl ounces921.6 drops56.7744 milliliters
3% of 128 fl ounce or 1 gallon3.84 fl ounces1933.2 drops113.5488 milliliters

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